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Head pressure and headache for 1 week and feels like it lasts 24/7

I went to the doctors a few weeks ago with other symptoms and had a blood test and it came back normal and he put it down to anxiety and i started to feel better again and then i started getting this headache and pressure in my head lasting all day and obviously i think of the worst and think i have a brain tumor or something serious and now my other symptoms have come back of feeling sick and no appetite and sweaty hands, I'm not sure this constant head feeling is from anxiety or if i have something seriously wrong. Any help would be appreciated

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The exact same thing happened to me. Got that pressure in my head out of no where. I had it everyday for 3 months straight, but now I'm starting to notice a difference. My doctor said they were tension headaches which can we cause my stress or even just constant bad posture.

True me I know exactly how you feel about thinking it was a brain tumour. I was getting so stressed out because everyday it would come back and I was sure there was something wrong and from that I gave myself severe anxiety.

I went to physio therapy and apparently there muscles at the back of your head that get tight which causes that tight feeling around your whole head.

I've recently started going to the chiropractor, he agreed it was tension headaches. so since my head and neck have been stress for so long some of the joints and muscles are out of place which is also making mine worse.

But try google about tension headaches and see if you can relate! Because that sounds exactly like what I was feeling. I hope you feel better!

Also did you even take any medication for the headaches??


No i have only taken a few paracetamol and that's it, did you get headaches or was it just pressure? Mine seems to be at the front of my head in my forehead and my head feels a little hot so obviously I'm thinking it's cancer


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