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Spine injections

well where to start? went to Hospital yesterday really nice place(Montefiore in Hove) thankfully they know about my PTSD and panic attacks,got changed ready for the injections in a very nice room,the Nurse was amazing put me fully at ease I was spoken to as a Human being not a number! Nurse who was in Charge "Sarah" was so helpful spoke about any worries I had about the procedure and what I could and could not do afterwards! THEN the Biggie "Who is coming to collect you? who is going to be with you overnight? etc etc etc? due to all this going on with the DWP I was afraid to ask my Brother or Sister or even my Son to come down for the weekend ,So I answered in a honest yet I didnt feel honest, I stated a taxi would pick me up take me home(TRUE) my neighbour would be looking after me from then until today(true ISH) I did get a taxi but I knew my neighbour would be Ballroom Dancing until later that evening, Now she did come and check on me when she got home and kept checking up on me to make sure I was ok and I do have my "Carelink" alarm pendant as well. I really don't like liars and unless its to save someones feelings I always tell the truth! I have been up all night because I feel I was dishonest as I knew my neighbour would not be there when I got home! but yet I knew she would not be long and she would check on me so "Did I lie?" was I dishonest ? I really hope I was honest but still feel dishonest by omission ! The Hospital staff were so nice caring friendly yet professional I would hate to have let them down. the injections went smoothly just local anaesthetic rather than general and apart from the pain today I feel ok (I do have a bit of a dead leg feeling though)

I know some will think I am daft but my Honesty and my word are so important to me now! more so since Mum and Dad have passed as I feel them watching me and I dont want to let them down in any way at all but more so I dont want to let myself down. I dont know if anyone will understand what I mean but I hope someone can tell me either way if I was right or wrong? thank you all for reading my post Derek

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the injections have not worked ,my back ,neck and hip are very very painful, and this heat is unbearable as well! so tiring . Oramorph works to an extent but the pain is still always there! I really thought the injections would help even if only for a little while, perhaps one day a blooming miracle cure will happen?


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