Well I think it's time to find a new psychiatrist

I just spoke to my psychiatrist and I'm pretty sure she got annoyed. She told me those episodes I keep having are dissociative episodes do to anxiety/panic attacks and told me that if the amitriptyline is not working then we can try something else(because since I did I genesight test there's a long list of meds that could work). So I told her that's a good idea and then she asked if I been taking the Xanax and I told her no. She's like " then I don't know how to treat you! People with anxiety/panic attack do very well with Xanax! I don't know how to treat you if you don't listen to me" and then she told me " bye I have to pick up the other call" WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!!!????


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  • Oh, Magnolia, I'm afraid your pants were caught in a bind this time. Sorry you didn't like her attitude. She's right. I cannot believe you got a psychiatrist to even talk with you on a Friday evening.

    I take Xanax. Don't like the idea. But what I can be like without the limited dosage of it, life is nothing but anxiety clinching my chest non stop.

    And she is right, if you don't take the meds she prescribes, how can she ever figure out what is working and what isn't. You can't tell the doctor how to do your surgery. :)

  • That's what my husband just said. That she is right.... but I don't think Xanax is going to fix the brain. I need something to balance whatever is it that's going on in there

  • What in the hell do you think Xanax does?

    I really like you so much, you want things to change, but you subconsciously fight everything that a professional tells you to do that is a change, but that YOU think is not the answer. You have got to stop that. You cannot do your own surgery, much less give yourself a haircut.

    And just what do you think another psychiatrist is going to do differently, even if you can find one to take you as a patient?

    Suck up to the one you are afraid you just lost. You need her. Shut your brain off for the night and stop trying to be a doctor, ok?ok. :)

  • Thanks. I so need this tough love!

    I had no idea Xanax does something to the brain since the phycologist says it's just like drinking a glass on wine. I thought it was just something to get people high

  • Definitely not . If you really need it then it has claiming affects and allows you to think rationally . If don't feel comfortable taking a whole pill then just take a piece of it and see how you feel .

  • HopingCat, I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised in what Xanax can do for your anxiety issues. You won't feel high, quite the opposite, you will feel more relaxed than you have in a long, long time. The drug in itself will kind of confirm that what you have been feeling has been anxiety all this time. If you fear taking a medication, you can as JoMarie5 said, try half a pill. Depending what dose was given to you. Let us know how you do after taking it. And HopingCat, feel better x

  • When this hell started I did try the Xanax. And made be feel worse. The dream feel fogginess, and twilight zone attacks were still happening on half of the low dose. Then I tried the full pill and the same. So I don't know if it was because this monster was developing and nothing I did could stop it and I didn't give Xanax enough of a chance. I will try it again. I am going out of town and I know I will need something because this hell follows me around.

  • Oh I didn't know you had tried it before. It's not a drug that needs to build up in your system. 1 pill should work in about 20-45 minutes and lasts about 3 hours. Make sure you try it before going away. I agree you will need something but you also want to make sure it something that will work for you.

  • I'm going to take it in my purse just in case with my other medication and supplements and I pray we have a good time and no freak episodes

  • I've carried Xanax around with me for the last 3 years that I've been off benzos, for that just in case moment. I've yet to have needed to take one.

    Have a good time and enjoy. It might be what you need.

  • When I first took xanax I was so anxious about taking it that I actually had a panic attack an hour after. I have finally accepted that I need it and have been taking .5mg every morning for 3 months.

  • I think that's what happened to me. I was probably already making myself anxious on top of the depersonalization/ derealization. I'm willing to give it another try. Are you able to drive and function after you take it?

  • Absolutely.. I honestly don't feel it kick in.. I just notice later that I was not super crazy anxious all day. And if I have a panic attack later in the day, I take another one or a half of one..

  • Our brains are a collection remarkable cells that chemically manage to communicate complex messages but sometimes the chemical connections are not quite in synch. That's my simple, dumb explaination of the brain. When that system of chemical communications are somewhere somehow not hitting on all fours, some help with medications can help to adjust that.

    That is the dumbest explaination I have ever made about the insides of ur heads.

    I know some of mine are not hiting on all fours in the memory area, due to my brain being jostled in the accident. That ticks me off a great deal, but nothin can "fix" that, but Xanax keeps other parts of my brain to work a litle harded to keep me from becoming so frustrated that I don't through myself into an anxiety attack.

    So the psychologist, who cannot RX Xanax, says it is like alcohol, to get people high. I cannot ever remember getting "high" on Xanax...,it works with the part of my brain that contains memory and frustration, to make it very simple, so I have the patience to try another way to work around the memory issues (aka "brain farts") If anything, it is a calming effect, not sleepy, so I have the patience to approach other ways to deal with the empty spots of memory.

    If I thought alcohol would do that.....I'd invest in the scotch and bourbon stock. lol

    I think it would be interesting if your psychiatrist knew your psychologist's opinion about Xanax. The MD is the boss, not the Ph.D. hummmmmm!

  • The funny thing is that they work in the same building so they know each other.... 🤷🏽‍♀️ also remember last night when I took 20mg of amitriptyline and made me weird? Well she told me to go back to 10mg.... 😫

  • Xanax is good for a short time whike you try and determine what anti-anxiety may work long term but it is highly ADDICTIVE..if anyone thinks their anxiety is bad, try weaning off xanax... it would be pure hell ...use it sparingly and only when truly necessary..

    Any Dr. that is throwing xanax at you for a quick fix and not wanting to be bothered is NOT the Dr. you need...you need an anti anxiety med along with a therapist that can help you change your thinking patterns.... it's NOT easy but with practice, it can go a long way to obtaining better mental health.... Good luck:)

  • Hi. I don't know about you but if my psychiatrist were that rude to me I'd probably find someone else. I know they have the best of intentions and are medically trained, but sometimes I feel they are simply throwing darts in the dark. Take this. oh ok it didn't work. you say your symptoms became worse. Then take this. And if that doesn't work I have something else for you to try. You see they're just guessing at best. You know yourself the best and what works and doesn't work for you. Just because she knows people who have done well on Xanax does not mean that you'll do well on it too. Not everyone reacts the same way to certain meds

  • Exactly and I already told her that Xanax makes me panic or have one of those freak twilight zone episodes. I did try the Xanax when this hell started and I didn't like it. But I was really bad when this started so I don't know if it was the Xanax or this hell. I'll give it one more try. What she needs to understand is that I am new to this medication stuff. And I'm just not going to take something just because she tells me. I want help but I also want someone to explain to me in details why this is happening to me and what is it and all that. Draw me a map for gods sake. But no. She tells me a few things and prescribes. It's annoying. I'm waiting to see a holistic doctor this month. Maybe I'll get something good from that visit. Who knows.

  • How much xanax did you take? It may not have had an effect therefore you still felt panic which you interpreted as xanax side effect. I am the world's biggest anti medication BUT xanax .25 gives my brain a rest from overthinking which is peace!! It helps me going to hairdresser, optometrist, dentist, ski chair lift, flights etc. You feel nothing. Just an absence of stress. Please try it. My brother in law is a doctor and he once said to me when i was on my anti drug rant that taking the medication will calm your mind enough to be receptive to psychologist or psychiatrist to then delve into the why's and then work on resolving the issues. Look at xanax as a plaster cast on a broken limb - just on there to let your bone heal and then after six weeks of rest and bone knitting it gets taken off. If on the other hand you left the plaster cast on forever your bones and muscle would waste away. Keep and diary and try xanax. And keep us updated. V 😘😘😘😘😘

  • Yeah that's they're job, to take out the prescription pad. You go to see a psychiatrist, you're gonna get pills. You go see a psychologist, you and her talk endlessly about your thoughts and feelings. We want to get to the root cause. That's why I'm partial to a holistic approach, meeting needs from all areas of one's life

  • I so empathize with you, and again , I'm the type that's just better with talking on phone than writing, both in giving and getting support, but I'll try my best here.Sorry it might be long but i have a point in the end. I've been on medication merry-go-round for many many years. You have a lot of wisdom and there are pros and cons on both sides of the issue (being on meds vs trying to heal naturally). It is puzzling why xanax didn't bring you relief, but there are other benzios. For me, the first time i ever took a xanax, almost 20 years ago-- it did make me instantly high and happy and gave me a solid 8 hours sleep which i can hardly ever get on my own. Unfortunately over time , some years later I'd developed a xanax addiction and began abusing it- as in taking more than prescribed, going to diff. doctors, multiple pharmacies behind their backs to get the amount i wanted. What had happened is i came to rely on it as my only tactic, in calming panic, instead of trying other techniques first-cognitive behavioral therapy, etc. I hit a very bad low in depression and after a suicide attempt/psych ward stay, i finally after many many many antidepressants, got on one that worked. it helped me not only come out of a dark depression, but kicked the xanax habit. it helped me have the courage to leave NY as i'd wanted to for sooo long, and start a new life with hope, in Dallas TX , knowing nobody here when i came. those who knew me in NY knew they'd seen a miracle- i don't give all the credit to just the antidepressant- as i know God helped me through that. it would be hard for anyone to start a new life in a new city thousands miles away knowing nobody there- let alone someone who months before that, tried to kill herself, so of course God's hand was in that. But Here I am a decade after that period of hope, lost again and not sure what i should do next. After about five years, that antidepressant stopped working and instead affected me badly. I learned this is common after 5 years on an antidepressant, and my psychiatrist and i discussed, the various reasons that i have now become intolerant to any antidepressant I've tried in the past couple years, including the one that used to work. It could be that with age my brain chemistry changed, it could be that my past abuse of xanax warped my brain chemistry, or it could be the new traumas that I have had since living in TX,(had my heart broken a couple times here, never found a husband like i wanted), caused brain changes as each trauma does that. I don't think you are wrong for wanting a new psychiatrist, bc compassion is very important. Mine never gets frustrated with me , when i tell him, med after med is not working, and is just making me worse. I'm not trying to discourage you from all meds either, bc in that time when i was on the right one for me and it was working, i was able to be functional/normal. I think it's a balance. I had some emotional maturity lessons to learn still in life, I had to learn how to calm down myself without just popping a pill in panic. the thing about benzios is they can be dangerous/addictive, and you are right to be wary. My psychiatrist doesn't believe in xanax at all , and only prescribes the weaker benzios for his patients- mine is klonopin . so for me to not get addicted again, i track each time i take it, try to space it out to once a week or so, and try first other methods to calm down- like the grounding i mentioned to you before , or deep breathing or calling a friend or praying. I'm not sure if you're the one who asked for Bible verses before, but i say psalm 23 over and over when i'm panicking. I still think the right antidepressant will help, but for whatever reason ( i mentioned the possibilities above)-- my brain is not tolerating any of them but i have a psychiatrist that is very understanding and patient with that, and that's important to have. Yes you should listen to yours, but it's good you have wisdom and they're not all the same- your anxiety about meds is much like mine---at this point any new med i try just makes me panic more---- and you might be better with a psychiatrist like mine who is wary of xanax and it's potential for abuse. but since it didn't help you anyway i guess you wouldn't abuse it. I really don't know if i'm any help but I just want you to know i do empathize, bc this is all so scary and overwhelming and the thing is , it's not an exact science, finding the right meds is a matter of experimentation and i do pray you find not only the right ones but also a more compatible dr, if that's what's best for you. Blessings

  • xanax will be a blessing for you, trust me. it made my derealization almost go completely away every time i took it at first. since you actually have anxiety it won't make you "high" at all

  • also, i've had a psychiatrist get pissed at me because i was scared to take the medication he prescribed. same deal "well then how am i supposed to help you???" it was so frustrating to have him get irritated with me instead of assuring me that i would be safe. like, come on. I have HEALTH anxiety. needless to say i got a new psychiatrist

  • Your Dr sounds like mine he doesn't give a damn he just wants the money!

  • I take xanax couldn't make it at all if I didn't.Why want you take it?

  • Because when I took it before it didn't really solve or helped the problem.

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