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please guys help

I recently just got a copy of my health records and had a look at my history and what i've went to seen the doctor for. i just seen I went to the doctor regarding a lump on my neck and i guess the doctor done a thyroid blood test. The test came back and it says Normal thyroid function, and raised thyroid antibodies, No thyroid SX. Guys what does raised thyroid antibodies mean, is there anything worrying about this? Mind you this was back in 2013 and its Friday here the Doctors doesn't open on weekends so will have to wait till Monday to ask and that is a long wait. Anyone can enlighten me?

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Sorry, I am a little confused. Are you concerned about a test conducted four years ago? If so, please calm yourself. If there was something wrong then your doctor would have informed you. Please shift your attention to something you enjoy and not lose a whole weekend. I know that is easier said than done. :)

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