I feel different

Im calm but i wonder if my anxiety is changing. One of my biggest worries is that it is manifesting into something else. Ive recently been getting over a seasonal depression but been having moment where i feel distant. Theres times where my thoughts arent a million things and times where it is and i just cant focus. I feel off when im walking around and when i sleep i kinda feel like im floating. Ive had 2 panic attacks in the last 3 days, its been really hot, so those arent helping me feel any better. I had a dream that i saw my mom (shes passed) and then had a quick dream where i was talking to myself and ive never had those kinds of dreams or this floaty feeling since she passed. So naturally i jumped out of my bed twice haha. Sigh i wonder if im dying or just going through depersonalization again. Sometimes i really wish i was neurotypical.


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  • Hi!

    Don't worry you're not alone!! The feeling seems to be just depersonalization. When we get super stressed or anxious, this often happens. Even though it sucks, it's normal and not dangerous. I have the same feelings sometimes. I've found meditation and exercise to help greatly! Even though exercise sucks sometimes, just going on a short walk can help take your mind off things. Good luck!

    - J

  • Thankyou

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