Feel like I'm really struggling at the minute with anxiety, finding it really hard to leave the house without feeling horrific with feelings of weakness etc. I'm 22 and I should be out enjoying myself but it's really hard to at the minute. My health anxiety is really bad at the minute because I'm finding it hard to believe anxiety is making me feel this way, I have the doctors next week where I can hopefully get some bloods taken, because I feel as though this weakness/sick feeling is maybe something more serious (I've googled all sorts of symptoms/illnesses) and I feel like this is giving me the anxiety, it's hard to tell though I feel like it's a vicious circle 😔. Any comments/support would really help.

Thanks x x


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  • calm yourself. and wait for your medical results. when you see everything is fine. then stop thinking negative thoughts its just anxiety. :)

  • Thanks @jackf4 you're right, I'm just worried it's something serious 😔 but I guess I shouldn't worry so much until I've had them and got them back.

  • exactly. i feel the same. 1 month ago i feel very dizzy, lightheaded and had panic attacks. i thought i have serious health problems. but after many test -the result is fine. when i went to ENT found out that its because of neck wrong posture. so after taking meds. im now fine, but still sometimes i feel worried of panic attacks even im relaxed so it start again to feel dizzy, but when i distact myself and think postive thoughts those bad feelings are gone :)

  • I feel the same as u and i find myself getting very anxious the farther i go from my home and when im not home i feel funny i have terrible health anxiety everything has me either in fear or paranoia which causes my anxiety to go thru the roof because i look up all my symptoms and i get everything but anxiety then i worry that the docs is misdiagnosing me and that its something more terrible and im afraid they wont catch it in time or i worry my anxiety disorder is gonna give me heart problems after they told me my heart is healthy. Ive had multiple ekgs (normal) chest xrays (normal) they even done an echo procedure (normal) but i constantly still think its my heart or my brain or anything major i. Constantly worried and fearful so i understand completely i jus try to take my meds and relax and tell myself im okayy and sip ice cold water

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