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It's been a bit since I was on here last. I started physical therapy / chiropractor and I think it's been helping. I stopped having random sharp pains in my head and neck which in turn is helping my anxiety. I still feel anxious from time to time and had a panic attack or two but for the most part I feel better. I had my last appointment yesterday because I have to wait for my insurance to approve more.

But then today I started having random pains in my head again (not sharp ones) sudden pressure like pains in my temple and side of head. I also felt (and feel on and off) foggy and like I can't form words or can't convay what I want to say. I stumbled over my words a few times and that made me more anxious thinking there's something wrong with my head.

I don't get why I feel this way all of a sudden. Does my anxiety know I don't have PT left so it's making me think I have a bigger problem? I have work outs I can do at home and that I will continue doing because it has helped so much.

I just hope this is only anxiety. I just hate these head pains and feeling foggy. Thinking I have neurological problems is so scary 😖


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  • Hi Stacy,

    If you have too much anxiety then you have a psychological problem (your brain can't think straight)which can cause similar problems to medical conditions.

    A good psychologist who specializes in anxiety / panic disorders or therapist with an interest in mental health, can teach you some coping techniques. Don't be afraid to interview the psychologist before you start sessions to find out if they can work with you. You will be doing mental PT!

    If you consult Dr Google, you will find the reasons why this happens and where in your brain it happens.

    Hoping this helps 8-)

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