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Hi Guys

Just wondering if anyone out there gets nervous energy, like I get to work and have to feel like i'm rushing to get things done really really fast but i have plently of time to do my work. This makes me feel shaking both internally and externally, my heart rate remains the same around 75-80 bpm, also my senses are hightened and feel really alert and off balance from time to time....


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  • Yes !!! Thats how I feel .

  • Yes, I once suffered this daily and I found it was drastic to my wellbeing. I have relaxed off a lot .. Now I do what I have to without rushing .. It is so much better

  • I feel the same! I could never fully relax and even when my anxiety was under control I was over productive at work since I can not sit or stand still, Now my anxiety is still not where I want it to be and I feel like I have to be constantly moving or i start feeling shaky and nautious just like you describe, I have to start working again on Monday and I am taking my Ativan with me just in case, Please let me know if anyone knows what could ease this symptom. Meditation has never worked for me, I want to be one of those people who can enjoy relaxing with a good book once in a while,

  • What else that gets me is that I have a condition called Microscopic Colitis and most days when I get really nervous/anxious for no apparent reason my Colitis gets me which is chronic watery diarrhoea. I can go a week without any symptoms then whammo here it comes again. Worse is after eating, most days I have to go to the toilet within 30 minutes and trying to juggle GAD and bowel problems makes everything worse

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