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I'm new here and struggle with going away from home

I am just wondering if anyone can offer advice/help. I have always suffered with anxiety when I go on holiday/away for a few days without my parents. I am due to go to Barcelona next week with some friends for 5 nights. Normally my anxiety and panic is only bad the day before or day of going away. However, this time I have been anxious and panicking about if for weeks. My parents say I don't have to go but it will be the first time I have let my anxiety stop me doing something.

I feel much better when I think I don't have to go but then worry I will regret it. I then think about going and my mind goes into overdrive and I think it would be best if I didn't go.

I am in such a quandary about the whole thing and I'm really not sure what the right thing to do is. Can anyone offer any advice?

Thank you in advance!

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Megan28, you're right, it would be a shame to let your anxiety stop you doing something like going on holiday. I recommend you go on holiday. But what about my anxiety, I hear you ask? Just accept your anxiety and go anyway. Loads of people on this forum do all sorts of yhings every day despite their anxiety disorder.

After all, anxiety isn't going to kill you, disable you or send you crazy. So just accept it and go on holiday. If you had strained a muscle in your leg you'd still go on holiday despite the discomfort, right? Of course you would. So no reason not to go on holiday because you feel anxious.

Anyway, when you're on holiday you may feel a bit anxious but nowhere near as anxious as you think you'll be. You'll have a good time. And afterwards you can say to yourself: "I didn't let anxiety bully me into staying home when my mates were having fun in Spain, I called anxiety's bluff." Think what pride and sense of achievement you'll feel.

Anxiety is a fraud and a confidence trick - it makes us think we have something seriously wrong with us or something terrible is going to happen. But it never does, anxiety is just a glitch in your nervous system caused by too much worry, work or stress. So just Accept the anxiety and go on holiday anyway. I think you'll be glad you did - and next time the chance to go on holiday comes along you'll accept it with much less fear because you've already proved to yourself you can do it.

I'll leave the last wird to the famous philosopher Norman Vincent Peale:

"Do what you fear and the death of fear is assured."


Jeff I agree with everything you say ,Been there and worn the tee shirt. Just about getting over server health and depression problems. Doctor changed my meds and I was scared stiff that I would slip back into depression ,but I am now looking forward ,instead of back .Going on holiday next week only for five days .hold on and take care .You WILL Enjoy

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