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hi everyone has anyone experienced feeling like they have a vacant hollow chest I used to suffer with shortness off breath and now ive gone from feeling like I have no air in my body. ive started citolpram and on day 5 but when I missed a dose the next day I felt amazing now ive took a dose I feel completely detached so was thinking off cutting back to 10 instead of 20mg any advice is really welcome as I'm at the end off my tether. I don't have chest pains and I yawn frequently I had a ecg about a week ago and heart was fine but now ive started taking new tablets I don't get out off breath when I do things either just literally feel like my chest is empty


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  • I have had that symptom and like you I had my ecg came back good as well mine went away the key is to put your mind to focus on other positive things I use to have them constantly

  • Thank you for your reply what you also had the same hollow chest feeling as me i honestly thought I was the only one πŸ™ˆ

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