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Having really bad thoughts, trying to remain calm

So right now I have a dull, Annoying, back of head and neck type headache. So I took 400 mg. Of Ibuprofen. But, earlier today about 6 hours ago while at work, I had the same headache and also took 400 mg of ibuprofen. So, maybe I should have not done this but I checked my blood pressure. It was slightly elevated at 127/87. I have really bad health anxiety and I can't help but think the worst!! I seem to have been doing fine for some time and now all of a sudden this!!! I know there are a lot of people out there who are worse off than me and my heart goes out to them, but man do I feel like pure shit right now. Thank you for listening. Love and Peace be with you always.

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Recently i have been having this pressure in my head, it's not so much a headache but it's annoying and it has last all day and for a few days now and i keep thinking the worst


I have been dealing with health anxiety since October of 2016, however I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and panic disorder back in 2008. I know exactly how you feel with thinking the worse. However you have to break this cycle! It's the fear of the fear cycle that keeps the anxiety and panic going at such a high degree. Just try by simply not taking your blood pressure for a few days. No matter how you feel!


Yes I have to sometimes say to myself, even when I'm crying, that I know it's people out there doing way worst than me and I try to keep that in mind but sometimes it's still so hard because mentally we have already convinced ourselves of the worst and ain't nothing can change it at that moment.


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