How am I suppose to ignore?

Anyone have any more tips on how to ignore this depersonalization/derealization? I been trying to ignore it for 4 months and it's not working. When I go into the supermarket I become very aware of my breath because the fear of one of those weird fake feeling attacks has me traumatized. I'm tired of any types of lights sending this through the roof. I just don't know how I'm suppose to ignore it when I'm not in control of my thoughts. This is just awful. I'm tired! I managed to go shopping but paranoid. now I'm home writing this ready to run because of this imaginary fear. THIS SUCKS


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  • Yea I sometimes have the breathing thing myself it feels weird like I have to force myself to breathe but the dp/dr is the mosr scariest symptoms I have it sometimes but not as bad I hope you feel better 😎

  • Everytime I go to Wal-Mart I panic any lights really effects me too. I can't go walking because of fear Im going to lose it. U did it so it makes u brave u can watch a You tube video's of Bignoknow and he have overcame Depersonalization and Derealization I think he have a lot of tips that can be helpful. Hope u feel better

  • I follow him and Instagram and I have watched so many videos but my brain won't allow me to do anything but focus on this hell

  • Start wearing sunglasses to avoid the lights.

  • My psychologist also told me that exposure therapy would be me having a panic attack during one of the times I see her. That would be like having your DP episode during a visit. She even said she has taken people to hallway with all fluorescent lights or has turned on heat full blast or had people run up and down the stairs for increased heart rate, For me, just standing with no place to sit ( stupid fear of mine of passing out)

    would bring me to panic with jello legs, I may actually go for it and see if she has any advice during the attack. I know it is very scary but she/he may actually have good advice and maybe you could describe better at the moment what you are seeing. Mine told me at one point to count tiles on the floor ( try to get away from the lights) for a little bit and see if that calms you down. It didn't do much for me but I also haven't tried it too many times, I just cleaned my daughters aquarium with shaky legs and almost fell over due to dizziness, it utterly sucks but we will all get better! Just keep injecting positive thoughts as much as possible.

  • I say to my self that it's not going to harm me. Everything may look fake but I know it's not. This fear is just fear it's not real. The sounds are just sounds, I'm going to be okay because I've felt this before many times and nothing has happen to me. It's a scary feeling but I will come on top of it. After I focus on something. I draw, listen to music and sing. Idk I keep my self distracted.

  • HopingCat, I don't understand why with your level of anxiety you aren't on an effective medication to give you a break from the bad feelings. What's your doctor thinking of? I know you're on 10mg of amitriptyline but thats just to help you sleep, to counter anxiety you need 75 - 100mg a day. Twenty years ago I had a breakdown and had to retire to a darkened room for 3 days. The doctor put me on three 25mg amitriptyline tablets a day. It takes two weeks before you feel improvement and three weeks before you get the full benefit. After 3 weeks I felt completely normal again and I stayed on a maintenance dose of 50mg a day for some time. Amitriptyline has been around for 50 years but it went out of fashion for a while because it makes you a bit sleepy, dry mouth, put on a few pounds. Small price to pay for normal.

    Now amitriptyline has come back into fashion since it doesn't have some of the side effects or prozac etc. Far be it from me to tell you what to do but in your shoes I'd TELL your doctor that you need relief and you've heard amitriptyline really works and you want to go on a course or if the doctor wants to try something else that's worth trying but fir Heaven's sake they should put you on something to bring you relief. Maybe your doc doesn't realise how bad it is for you. I don't understand it.

    We'revlucky enough to live in the 21st century when effective relief-giving medications are available. We should all take advantage of that if we need. Why not get your doctor to take your condition seriously ie "I'm not leaving here until I get some medication to give me some proper relief from this nightmare! Grrr-r-r-r-r!" You can leave out the Grrr-r-r--r if you like.

  • Well... the thing is that she already told me that 10mg is not going to work and a month ago she told me to up to 20mg and then call her to keep upping and my stubborn ass hasn't..... I just got turned off by Zoloft(being my first medication ever) not working and then I keep reading depersonalization/derealization recovery stories and they all say there's no magic pill for this hell so I just start thinking what's the point in upping.... I really should up to 20mg... ugh

  • What your doctor is doing is called titrating which I believe means starting you off on a small amount of a drug and upping it in stages until you reach the effective dosage. Well, the effective dosage of amitriptyline is 75mg a day. Just because the first med you tried wasn't effective is no reason to give up on meds and depersonalisation/derealization is a form of anxiety so can be relieved by the right amount of the right med just like all the other symptoms of anxiety. I really do think you should not be put off by your experience of Zoloft and should try at least one more med and amitriptyline is as good as anything. I'm not recommending anything I haven't tried myself. Just think it over, that's all I'm suggesting.

  • Hello Magnolia,

    Jeff may have good point. The medication he's talking about seems to appear in posts or pm from England from time to time.

    And there is so much written about what works, what doesn't work, I won't even read it anymore. You are a "solver" and are intelligent and used to solving problems quickly in your everyday life. The fact that you can't do this now is driving you nuts, and you keep searching for the answer by all the reading and research you do.

    I care about you, and I know now that the best thing I did was to trust my neuropsychiatrist when I had periods of doubts.

  • Actually, the more you ignore, the more it's going to bother you. AND the more you try to fight or flee - the worse as well.

    Mindfulness is very beneficial for anxiety. It teaches you to accept the feeling and then gently bring your attention to the present moment. That doesn't mean trying to kick it away, it means letting it do it's like in the background while your main attention is on the present task at hand.

    Mess are not the way, therapy is better for the long run. I mean everyone is different - Cognitive therapy or Mindfulness based cognitive therapy is what effectively treats anxiety and panic issuers.

    All the best

  • Sorry spell check is annoying. Hope u understood

  • I think I have been doing this . When I start to feel strange I keep on doing dishes or cleaning up any way . And If i can't take it I go sit down and go limp . Letting myself feel like total shit . But sometimes I try to hurry myself along. Like while doing dishes if I start to feel like I can't stand anymore and like I'm not real . But then I think that can't be good . You do what you need to take your time nothing is going to happen to you it hasn't yet while I'm uncomfortable. Is this the correct mind set ? Or do you have any examples maybe to share ?

    Thanks !

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