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I've convinced myself theirs something wrong with my lungs/water/secondary/dry/inhaled water in shower

In the shower other day I accidentally inhaled a few drops of water through my nose

Just from reading an article I convinced myself that I going to dry/secondary drown I was never even submerged in any water I don't/can't even swim I didn't inhale it on purpose either

my throat is feeling dry "I like can't breathe" I feel like theirs a lump in my throat when I swallow my mind is convinced that the water has hit my throat making me not breathe

I know it's crazy..

I've been so anxious about this it's unhealthy those thoughts won't stop I'm afraid of showering and even drinking water now

I should not be worrying about this! It's been really hard to shake this off lately I was doing better but it's worse now.

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It is health anxiety!

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