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Anxiety and Starting a New Job

Hello all! I hope you are all doing well!

Need advice! As you may know from my previous posts, I suffer from anxiety which fluctuates from time to time, however, for the past few months it has been through the roof in certain situations. I have been offered a new job opportunity and I am really nervous about it and was hoping people could share some tips on how they cope with their anxiety in the workplace, mainly the dizziness/lightheadedness.

Thank you!

Chloe :)

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Hi Chloe, there are two ways to cope with anxiety in the workplace. You either take tranquillisers - or you practice acceptance. Acceptance means carrying on despite the bad feelings and hundreds of people on this forum do precisely that every day. Despite the dizziness and lightheadedness that most of us feel from time to time you just get on with the job - you'll be surprised how you can still do your job despite everything.

I'm presuming you know for sure your symptoms are 'just' anxiety like you've spoken to your doctor about it and any other causes have been ruled out.

So don't let anxiety stop you moving on to a better job, don't give anxiety the satisfaction of denying you that. O.K., everybody feels a bit on edge the first day or two when you change jobs but you just tough it out, be brave, you have it within you to win through the worry and apprehension, Chloe. Sometimes we have to do the hard thing but we never regret it and neither will you.

So accept that new job and I tell you everything will be fine and that's for sure.

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Thank you so much for your advice! I apologise for the very late response time! I'm in the same situation again as unfortunately the previous employers decided to withdraw the job post within a day of offering it to me and contacted me to explain the person who was meant to be leaving the role decided to stay, unfortunately for me. However, I will take that advice on board for the job I am about to start. Once again, thank you so much!


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