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Herbal meds

Hi, I've been suffering from anxiety and overthinking for the past month, I had to leave my job howver I've just started another one which keeps me focused mostly during the day... I'm taking rhodiola rosea capsules 3 times a day, morning afternoon and evening. I've been taking them for a while but was wondering if anyone would recommend anything else to instead of rhodiola rosea? I'm happy to try anything that's herbal before the last resort of 'proper medication' that has messed me up in the past. Any recommendations would be much appreciated! Thank you

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Green tea either in tea bags or in tablet form contains L-Thianine that reduces levels of cortisol that causes anxiety particularly in the morning and also Lemon Balm (verbana) which you can grow in your garden or a large pot but I'm sure is available dried as a tea or as tablets.


Hi Jeff, thank you for your reply, would I be able to take the green tea capsules as well as the Rhodiola rosea capsules? They are both herbal?



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