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Asthma or anxiety disorder?

So I definitely have anxiety and panic disorders I've had before

I had a relapse and this time around my hyperventilation is bad to the point where I can't/hard to talk.

Since I haven't heard anyone say they felt that I was terrified I would die from an asthma attack because my brother has it but it's because he was premature. I was dumb enough to google the difference because I couldnt tell. I know better than to google but I had to. These symptoms I have suck and swear I'm gonna die because of how out of breath I feel and how tight my chest and kneck gets and hard to walk and even drink water cuz I get the smothering feeling.

1. Bro has bad asthma and never died so idk why I'm so scared

2. I went to the ER for it - they didn't really test me because they saw I was in there for panic before and oxygen level were fine

3. I went to an actual asthma clinic and didn't find I had asthma. Gave me an inhaler anyway but didn't use it cuz she felt it was panic anxiety. I FREAKED OUT during the test where they put a mask on u and ask u to breath out.

4. I don't wheeze. Maybe just a little but not a lot at all and it's more like small amount of phlem like u get from a cough.

Then google people said stuff that scared me. 1. U can't really tell the difference

2. The symtpoms mimic each other

3. Ppl which asthma can't talk *

4, some girl on a thread said it took docs a while to diagnose her or some shit so I get scared they are "missing it" or missed it.


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Hi hope your feeling better, I'm an asthma sufferer and I find sometimes I get confused between the two, like now I've been feeling short of breath for a few hours, eases when I'm distracted, where I very much doubt that it would if it was my asthma, but in my head obviously it's all I can think about, that's actually why I came on here for some sort of distraction, I haven't been on here in a said your oxygen levels was ok which is a good sign, I went and did my peak flow reading because I was worrying,it is the usual number. Sometimes our minds work overtime, and if you think about something so much you start believing it and it's pretty hard to forget. Like over the past few days I've had a set back, and it really is horrible, hard to snap back out of it, try doing some puzzles, a bath, wash the pots? Anything really that's going to take your mind off it, tell yourself that you have been checked out by the doctor

Hope your feeling ok x

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