Waking to anxiety/panic

So far I have had almost 3 hours of sleep. I had some trouble going to sleep do to some anxiety I had been experiencing. Now almost 5am I kind wake up and I can feel my heart starting to pound and I immediately feel hot and sweaty and I feel shaky. I had to get out of bed. I'm so confused as to why this happens sometimes as I'm sleeping.


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  • It is normal when your anxiety is in full swing. Are you okay now? Are you taking meds? Just try to relax, you are not alone with this battle. I am fighting with those physical symptoms too. God bless

  • I'm ok now, got a few hours of sleep. I'm not on any meds, I was prescribed them but I really don't want to take them. Even if they work I know one day I will want to stop taking them and the withdraw process is not worth it to me. I just think that there has to be something else that can help, something natural.

  • Wow! I salute you for being so strong, I wish I am like that too, I don't have any idea about the withdrawal, I am taking meds now to calm me down. Sigh...I wish I am so strong like you...really. continue to be strong sir! God bless...

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