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Dr google

I made the mistake of going to dr google again! I don't know why I do it!! Always worst case scenario! Just a word of advice. Don't google your symptoms. Iyoull google yourself into a madhole! Ive got a sore calf muscle... so I googled it for some unknown reason. First thing to pop up. DVT! This had led to me all day worrying about it and checking my legs frequently to see if they're going red or swollen! It's caused me nothing but trouble and panic. Don't do it!!

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Hence my post Gerroff Google lol.x

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Thank you for your story, and I am sorry you were worried by what Google had to report.

Your post took a lot of self-confidence and a sense of humor. Thank you so very much and I hope your calf muscle is relaxing.



My doctor just told me today to STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE!🤷🏽‍♀️

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