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Stomach aka anxiety

Hi guys , iv got the worst stomach cramps. I don't seem to remember a time they have gone ,feel like I'm shaking with it like a nervous stomach it's horrendous. I know I'm having a flare up I haven't had it in years, but backache with always wanting toilet took over my life last few week. I feel my stomach is eating itself can this be anxiety this much discomfort iv just totally scared myself reading it could be ovarian or bowels or ibd. Anyone suffered this bad did you get through. I need something to relax me to sleep I feel my stomach is made of stone right now help. I'm going on holiday how will I cope it will ruin it.binkynoo

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Binkynoo, it's well known that the stomach is the most receptive irgan to anxuety, the one that complains the most. You probably know your doctorquite well by now but for your own reassurance go see them again and tell them the latest. That's what doctors are there for. Also get something to take to stop you having to visit the loo too often whilst you'revon holiday, get the doc to prescribe something.

Next, you need a good book to read on holiday. I suggest 'Self help with your nerves' by Claire Weekes available from Amazon. It will change your life and point you in the direction of recovery as it has for untold thousands. And don't forget the sun tan cream.


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