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Hi guys, I suffer from pretty bad health anxiety, recently I saw something online about somebody (35.m year old) having a pulmonary embolism. I've not been able to stop thinking about it. Anyway, I'm going on holiday soon 3 hour flight and I've been worrying about the risk. I was thinking about it earlier and now (shockingly) the back of my left calf is really aching. So this has started to make me worry a lot. What are my chances. I'm 23 year old male. Any advice would be great


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  • Denny123456, does it really surprise you that after worrying about deep vein thrombosis and having a pulmonary embollism you start to get an ache in your calf? Anxiety always gets us thinking the worst is going to happen which is what has happened to you. So just accept the sekf-inflicted ache in your calf, buy a pair if those flight socks and just enjoy your holiday - at 23 you are far too young to have a dvt and embollism. Don't let an unnecessary worry spoil your holiday.

  • I know I'm just overthinking. I had just been driving and to be honest it probably wa some riding the clutch, I just get nervous about things! For some reason, I get an ache in my left calf, google it for some stupid reason and then worry

  • You're very young and probability is very low. I had a dvt after flying due to daily ingestion of birth control pills over years I was taking because I was a 40 year old female. But you're very young, male so keep active and trust me, a dvt isn't something that is sore, it's a pain you never forget. It feels like a major pulled muscle and it wakes you out of your sleep, you can't walk right for a few days and the pain only increases each day until you have no choice but to go to the er. Usually a dvt begins after some becomes stagnet after surgery or in my type of situations or if there is a history in the family. If you don't have one of those 3 issues you've nothing to worry about. :)

  • Hi Thankyou! I did wake in the night with it by again it wasn't sever pain it was an ache and I focussed on it. I've noticed it gets worse when I'm stretching and I can recreate the pain in my other leg by stretching so I'm now believeing it's a muscle! Health anxiety is awful!

  • Update! The pain was still there today so I went to the doctors, she measured my legs and they're both the same, she said I've more than probably strained a muscle! All that worrying for nothing ! Good news though!

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