Anxiety tricks you in different ways

Has anyone realized (those who've struggled with anxiety for a while) that you will have a period of worrying about the same symptoms for a few weeks or months and then your body does something completely new and different and freaks you out? Feels as if it's not anxiety this is "different". It's like it finds something new to freak you out about!


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  • Oh my goodness yes! I absolutely hate it. Because I never know if something is wrong with me, or if its anxiety taking over. When I do find something new, I usually freak out over it for awhile. Its exhausting. But yeah, totally know how that goes.

  • Lol what can ya do man!? Just laugh at it. Ugh! 🙄😆

  • Haha yeah pretty much. That's the best thing to do 👍☺

  • Yes! I've been worried about my heart for weeks and now I've got past it I've moved into blood clots & dvt

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