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Chronic pain & Anxiety

Hi im a 40 year old man suffering from chronic pain for the last 7 years , as a result has brought my panic attacks & anxiety to a different level , No one understands what it is like to put on a happy face everyday and get on with life , I have a wife and two girls that depend on me Don't have a job any more and the stress is making me sick.

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im sorry you hoin threw this but my situation is similar except my anxiety/panic started first at 17 not at 32 i have pain an i panic along with negative thoughts and everyday is a struggle i try to pretend all is well from out side but deep inside my mind and body im suffering and i just feel lost at what to do


Hi dessi , and thank you for your comment i know just how you feel trying to keep everything to yourself when all you want is to be like everyone else when you try so hard every day and the pain just wont go away and then anxiety on top of it people think theres something wrong with you and run away when your just trying get through it you can't let life stop because of it , Its so hard to learn to slow down but it can be done , Regards Ger


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