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Tummy in a big knot

Hello those of you awake like me.

Iv woke in a well strange way I remember a dream I was having and suddenly woke wasn't a bad dream,an ex was in it and we had to go a different way to get off abus. I woke with complete knots in my stomach feeling of it being pulled tightly. I feel warm and got back ache ,feeling I should be in toilet , dry mouth I am very stressed at the moment .i also ho away at the weekend I'm scarred if I may have something more serious going on what if it's an ulcer I feel iv got bad trapped wind stuck there oh just want to sleep so bad take away this feeling. Help binkynoo

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Firstly darling I too get this! Try not to analyse what it is. So you may have an upset tummy? I'm sure you've had an upset tummy before in your life. Anxiety will only make it worse. Deep breathing & relaxation techniques should help.

DO NOT use Dr Google to diagnose what is wrong with you. Trapped wind will not kill you! Have a glass of water & do some deep breathing. I'm here if you need to talk.

Sending calm thoughts your way x


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