Was having an ok day

Was having an ok day until I felt that weird scary hot flush or whatever it is that sends me into straight panic and makes me feel like everything is fake. I know it has to be part of this depersonalization/derealization.It must be some type of adrenaline rush because makes me feel like I want to run and like I am detached from my body and looking over from up top at myself. I don't know why I'm still in this hell but I pray it stops. And if anyone has a better explanation for this please share. Maybe it will give me some type of peace of mind. It feel like a vibrating rush of warmness and straight fear. I calmed myself down but I was going into straight tunnel vision. This just sucks.

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  • I honestly think I have a similar feeling as well but do you feel like your body feel strange to like very light or something ? Like faint as well and and almost along with that rush she described you get like a déjà vu type feeling or something . My head also feels heavy. Idk but it's awful.

  • After I try to calm myself down I feel sick. On edge, panicked, my stomach feels funny and my head feels tense. What sucks is that is can keep happening all day. And I feel like crawling into a ball and crying all day.

  • I get that exact feeling, it happens mostly when I'm about to go to sleep. I feel like I can never fully relax because I'm always so scared it's going to happen. I've even woken up in the middle of the night maybe times with that feeling. I just try to breathe and tell myself it will pass. But it still scares me so much. I pray it will stop too.

    We can get through this.

  • This is part of this depersonalization/derealization hell and it sucks.

  • If you find any solution for this please let me know. This is honestly ruining my life, I do not feel like myself anymore. My doctor suggested to go on medication and I said right now I didn't want to, but every time that feeling comes back I think that I should.

  • This is ruining my life too. I have been stuck like this for 4 months. I am mentally exhastated. I am on Amitrypiline that's helping with sleep because when this started I didn't sleep for 9 weeks. It's horrific and I want my life back. What does your doctor says it is? I'm sick on mine saying that depersonalization/derealization is a phenomenal from anxiety. This sucks! I am going to see a holistic doctor this month and hoping she helps me.... because there's obviously an imbalance on this brain. I will for sure let you and everyone know her recommendations.

  • I know how you feel it will almost be exactly 4 months for me as well. And all these days just feel like a dream and I'm just praying that I make it to the next day. Such a weird feeling. My doctor is convinced there is nothing seriously wrong with me. I have had no test done though, I might be going to see a different doctor this week because I need more answers I can't stop thinking it's more than just anxiety. My doctor just suggested I go on medication or I go to see a psychiatrist.

    But yes please do keep me updated

  • Hi I am new to all this. 4 weeks ago I started to feel hot rushes. Involentry movements and night sweats that leaves me exhausted.

    I have no history of anxiety. So naturally I thought I was dying. I have been hospitalised for 5 days and had CT,Mri and extensive bloods taken. All tests clear. The flushes feel like an adrenaline dump. I can't stop moving until I am completely shattered. When this happens I collapse into a self pittied induced coma state.

    I am making small progress by taking back the control of adrenaline release.

    I generally wake up at 5am after crazy dreams (also a newly acquired symptom)

    Instead of trying to make any sense of my dreams or new found crazy head and body. I eat breakfast and cycle as far and fast as I can. This seems to release endorphins and adrenaline naturally to completion.When I get home I am shattered but for good reason.

    For the rest of the day my body and mind seems to behave itself. I do have the odd blip but It seems more manageable.

    Hope this helps. Good luck for the future. You are not alone.

  • Thank You!

  • Oh, Magnolia, sorry to hear about your day...but do you know how much better you still sound now when this happens? Know it is not much comfort, but I felt you needed to hear that.

    Really hope the evening is better. Does your son still sing for you? I know that always made you smile....and you need a song now I think from him. :)

  • Lol that one is always singing. I have 3. One came earlier to ask if he could "hug with me" meaning he wanted to cuddle and I'm all for cuddles 😍 Now I am in bed obsessing about a red patch I found on my breast. Thank god i have an appointment tomorrow. I just can't seem to catch a break lastly. 4 months of hell. When is not on thing is another.

  • Now you know good and well, "cuddles" didn't cause that red blotch, and you've already been to the doctors' by now. Just wait to you get a little older and EVERYTHING is maintenance, maintenance, maintenance......lol :)

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