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Gerroff Google

Google is great for somethings but if you find you are googling every little niggle you will feed your worries. As anxiety sufferers we/you lose trust in your abilities to be ok. 'What ifs' swirl round and around in your head and you lose all focus. To help stop these ruminative thoughts try writing it down and saying I can worry about this at 6pm for 15 mins for example. This is called a worry time. All the time you are not worrying you are trusting that all is well and if it isnt you will be ok anyway.

Give it a try 😀

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Just had to reply because I loved the title of your post Gerroff Google :-D

We do have to take into account we have all ages as well as backgrounds with members in the Community and one of the guidelines does say no swearing but the way you titled this Gerroff we or I would imagine we all got the message but what a brilliant way to word it :-)

O for any health anxiety sufferers Google can becomes their worse enemy and I always suggest if you do suffer with HA then stay completely way from Google as it will make you a 1000 times worse

Hope you have a lovely day :-)

Take Care x

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Gerroff is a slang way of saying 'get off'.




Yes I know , a word I have not heard in ages and why it made me smile when I read it :-/ x

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