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i dont know what to do! last night i was just lying in bed and as per normal i started thinking about what exams i have left to write during the next two weeks and which ones ive already done when all of a sudden i started havig difficulty to breathe and i wanted to throw up which is usually what happens when i have a panic attackk but this one was bad it came out of no where! am i normal?? i dont know how t phone home and tell my mom about this!?

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Hi Jill

Anxiety and panic can hit us like a bolt from the blue but the key thing here is our reaction to it. Its so easy to believe the worst is happening but this is our irrational mind talking. Once you think it maybe panic or anxiety try calming techniques eg 7-11 breathing. it takes at least ten breaths to caom the body but stick with it. Trust in your ability to be ok and your body will respond with calm. A couple of good sighs help too. Hope this helps x

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