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Hello everyone! I suffered from full swing anxiety 7 days ago, now I retrieved my kinda normal day. To whoever is suffering now from full swing anxiety! You'll be better very soon! Do not give-up like what we usually think when we are or when we were in FULL SWING ANXIETY + DEPRESSION stage. I know it is really hard for us, but pls do not give-up on yourself, lets fight together! I LOVE YOU ALL GUYS! LETS STAY STRONG!! GOD BLESS US! 😘💙💙💙


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  • Hello, I just want to say that I am at a very bad point with my anxiety I'm afraid of everything and I want to end my life. I wish it was better somehow.

  • How are Rvede? I'm sorry to head about what you are suffering now; Do not give up, I know you can see the light soon enough. It is really hard, I know coz I have been thru with that before and now every morning. Sigh..are you taking meds? Plsss let me know how are you

  • Thankyou NemoAbella, I'm getting through each day just surviving

  • rverde, you need professional help. It scares me when someone talks suicide or tries overdosing. Things must be so critical in your life that you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. But it's there waiting for you to take the proper steps in getting help. Things can be talked out, solutions can be found. Finding your way back is only possible in getting the professional help. Please tell your parents how much you are hurting. If not them, then a close family member or close friend. You need someone to lean on right now. We are hear to comfort and understand your emotional pain.

    Stay safe x

  • I'm trying to get help with meds, ect, and some dr.s. I'm looking at finding a behavioural therapist tho. Its been sugested to me to go to group meet ups to over come the social anxiety. im thinking about it

  • I'm glad to hear that you are trying to get help rverde. You are young and have so much to look forward to. Medication as well as seeing a behavioral therapist can really make the difference. Group therapy can also be beneficial. I wish you well in going forward. I know it's not easy but so worth the effort. We will be here for you as well. We care. x

  • Rverde try listen to Mam Agora 😊 She's the one that I always talk with esp. When I have attacks. Yes, good idea, try CBT, I learned a lot from my CBT so far. Plsss lets get-up together and fight! We can do this! God bless

  • Tomorrow I have an ECT, and I'm going to ask the Dr. there if he knows any cognitive behavioural therapists that he can refer me to.

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