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Need advice

Hi guys. I suffer with anxiety and have done for about 4 years now. But the latest thing to happen is I can't seem to get a really nice deep breath. And as a result I panic which in turn makes my heart pump harder my feet and hands sweat. And also I find it hard when I'm out n about to not think about it all. I know its anxiety but iv been backwards and forwards to docs about the breathing been told it might be asthma. But guys what do u think please I'd love your info

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Hi dd!

I'm so sorry you are suffering with this.

I really am not sure, as when I'm having a hard time with anxiety and panic, sometimes I can't get a deep breath. So it certainly could be part of your anxiety symptoms.

I hope that you feel better soon! 🤗

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I go threw this to and I found that is was trapped air in esophagus after I burp real deep or take something that's gonna make me burp it helps .. I have had every test with lungs and all that they could not find anything , but I finally figured mine out myself . Maybe it could be the problem for you.

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Oh my! I've been having exact same issue for these past couple weeks. I can't seem to fill my lungs at all. I have sinus issues so I think they might be associated, but it makes me fear there might be some blockage in my lungs and so on and that alone drives my anxiety off the roof. Meditation absolutely​ helps calm me down but it's scary having this feeling of not being able to breathe properly​.


Its dose scare me very much so but o find focusing on something else can help to take my mind off it but I'm.back to docs next week to see what else he can do for me. But I hope you find a way to control it and that's the right way for you. Hope you better soon


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