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I started to feel shaky, heart stated beating and I could feel it pounding and I felt worried for no reason almost an hour ago. It has come and gone know and when I calm a little I can feel a slight shaking in my hands. I'm trying deep breathing and trying to busy my mind with something at the moment. I guess once I calm I start think of what I was feeling and start to worry again.

Any advise is welcomed

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nmp1, what you are feeling is the normal cycle of panic. Once you started feeling shaky, your mind starts anticipating something is going to happen which releases the adrenaline rush and your heart reacts to it with the pounding beat. We may not be worried about anything in particular however the over sensitized nervous system can be triggered by the smallest thought, sound or smell producing an anxiety to overtake us. Once it comes over our body, our mind puts in the "what if" thought.

Once everything settles down do a point, the residue of the adrenaline can cause shakiness. It's over, it's passed, the thing to do now is to not dwell on what happened and why. If we do, as you said, the worry starts all over again. What might be a good thing to do is to do some meditation and deep breathing following an audio video on YouTube. Just a 10 min view can help calm those negative thoughts and bewilderment inside our minds. I hope you start feeling calmer soon, let go, let peace come over you. You are okay, You are safe. x


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