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The days seem like they're just dragging along. Even though I manage to not explode into a full blown panic attack, my anxiety is still there. It has an effect on my mood, focus, and perception of things. I can't take my mind off it I'm constantly thinking about my health and body and whenever I feel something uncomfortable I quickly think that my time is up, and that at any moment I will drop dead. I know this thought is absurd but it is what triggers my anxiety and my fear of death, so for me, it's hard to cope with. I wish I was back in a state of mind where I cared less about certain things and focused on more rational issues. Will it be possible for me to live without obsessing over my anxiety?


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  • Yes yes yes! If you've ruled out every possibility of illness & that it is anxiety causing such distress you can control it but you have to change your miindset I was where you are now 4wks ago then with help from CBT & meditation app (headspace) & reading self help/relaxation technique for breathing (no computer/phone screens) I turned it around so I controlled it not it controlling me!!! Try it, it's bloody hard work but as soon as you see slight improvements you will feel such relief! Good luck!

  • Im a firm believer in medicine. I am not ashamed to say I need the extra help from what it gives. Ive tried the natural remedies and it never seemed quite enough. Feel free to message me anytime, Ive always been a good listening ear.

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