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Ovarian cancer? Worried

Hi, I'm kelsi, I haven't posted on here for ages but I'm honestly sick with worry at the moment, I'm 18 and convinced I have ovarian cancer... I don't know what to do, I've worried about all sorts of cancers before and been doctors to many times to count and been told I'm fine, but this time I honestly think I'm sure I have because I can feel pain, I know it could be health anxiety but I don't know because I have actual pain and I still cannot control it:( basically my symptoms started about a year and a half ago, well one of my symptoms did.. I started getting pelvic pain, and it wasn't nice at all, it made me feel disgusting (I don't know in what way) but I had it on and off, it was a weird pain, I can't really explain it but like if I walked or sucked in my tummy it would hurt even more..then it went away for a bit and now it's come back, about 2 weeks ago, I also have constipation, lower back pain and heartburn sometimes, and feeling fuller and I know I shouldn't of googled symptoms because it's so stupid but I did:/ and it said CANCER:( so I've pretty much diagnosed myself with it now and it's all I can think about... I can't physically do anything because I keep thinking "what's the point, if I'm dying" that's how convinced I am that I have it, I know it's rare in people my age but I'm scared I'm that rare one who has it..I'm so so scared, I've cried most nights because I don't want to die and my auntie died of breast cancer recently and her funeral was yesterday so it hadn't helped..what do I do, I can't cope, btw I'm on anti depressants for my anxiety, OCD and body dismorphic disorder and had counselling in the past. Just thought I'd mention it, If anyone can help me please reply to this post and/or message me, thank you 😓😓x

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Being in pain is awful. I'm so sorry to hear this. Have you talked with a female gynecologist about this? Male doctors just do not listen as well about our issues and feelings and intuition. Sorry, but it's true. It needs to be a woman doctor. I wonder if it could be bladder related.

Or since you mention heartburn, constipation and low back pain (which could be caused by constipation), maybe ask the doctor if you are experiencing a food sensitivity / reaction.

Do you have access to alternative healthcare for some relaxation therapy such as massage or acupuncture?

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Hi you can ask for a blood test to check CA125 levels if they are high then they can send you for a scan. However unless you have family history of ovarian cancer and due to your age it is very very unlikely that you have ovarian cancer. You may have IBS caused by stress/anxiety as the symptoms are similar. Ask your doctor about IBS. If this is the case you will need to look at your diet, possible meds and ways of dealing with stress/anxiety such as counselling/CBT x


This is good to know!


Extremeanxiety, at your young age and bearing in mind you have anxiety this is extremely unlikely to be ovarian cancer, I would say all your symptoms including the aches and pains are anxiety. But for your peace of mind why not ask your doctor for either a C125 (I think it is) blood test or for a scan, then you must accept the result of the test. What you probably found when you Googled your symptoms is that it could be any of 20 things one of which is cancer, this is different to saying it is cancer which your eyes homed in on.

Your symptoms will disappear if you could learn to accept them for the short term as 'fighting' the symptoms only causes more stress which prolongs the symptoms. As I always do I commend to you the book 'Self help with your nerves' by Claire Weekes available from Amazon which explains in simple terms how to recover through Acceptance.

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