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Heart palpitations have ruined my life...what do I do?

I'm 31 and they first began when I was 26.

They come back and go away,they went away for a year then returned,now they've came back again since 18th March.

Not one day goes by without a pac/pvc

Yesterday I had about 8 of them

Today so far 5

I just want a day with none.

On a bad day I can probably get 30 of them.

I had a holter monitor done 4 years ago and over 5 days it showed 63 pacs non sustained and they were benign.

Had echo test perfect,ecg was fine.

No explanation

I'm always stressed and I care for my gran with dementia alone and its hard.

I don't know if this causes it

I'm fed up of my life,yesterday I had none all day till 3.30pm then I got 8 and in 40 mins then they went away till 30 mins ago when I've had 4.

I hate them,beta blockers made me worse.

I hate them so much

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Looking after someone with dementia full time is incredibly hard and can be stressful. You need some support yourself. Have you looked into respite care for your gran? What happens if you become too unwell to care for her? You really need to care for yourself too.

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Magnesium deficiency can cause this. Stress depletes our magnesium and our muscles need it, especially our heart. Try starting magnesium citrate gel capsules. You can get them at any drug store. Take double the amount it says to take. It's helped my heart skips a lot.


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