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When will this end?

It's an endless cycle of feeling fine and really happy to really depressed low and suicidal. Recently I've been fine and then suddenly this depression comes over me where I can't concentrate and I don't want to move or do anything and I feel so numb and empty. What is wrong with me? It's happened before and it's on and off but now it's bad again like about a year ago. I get upset over trivial things too. I don't get it. I get really angry too and end up throwing things and hurting people (with words) and myself (physically by pulling out my hair and scratching myself). I also can't sleep.

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lucyjenkins, I'm afraid it won't go away until you see a psychiatrist or therapist. Highs and lows are something that need to be addressed by a professional. Medication will smooth out the feelings, if not they can get progressively worse. When you start acting out your anger and hurting others (with words) and yourself physically, it's time to make that call. Hope you see someone soon. My best. x


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