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Anxiety is causing depression

Hey all,

I'm 19 and I have anxiety. This anxiety makes me depressed. I get anxious thinking about how I am going to make money and do things with my life, and that leads to depression, as I have decreasing interest in my life and my future. I get frustrated easily with my life, and I can be a downer. I keep all this to myself though. I don't take it out on other people. Those around me would be shocked if they knew what was going through my head. I also know that I am very fortunate and have a lot of things going for me. Yet I think about the future and feel dread and anger.

Any advice?

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Hi cruncher you dont say if youve been to if might be worth going as that will get help short term meds may help dont think its a scary thing as its better to be under the care of your doctor than try to deal with it your self councilling may help also ! Please take care and im here if you need to talk !


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