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I was scratched by my cat last night. (She is an indoor cat and has been vaccinated). The scratch isn't very deep and I cleaned it with soap and put neosporin on it, but now I'm really freaked out and scared that I'm going to get tetanus, because I heard that you can. I haven't had a tetanus shot in 13 years and I'm not really wanting to get another. Do you think I should be worried about tetanus from a cat scratch?

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Hi, think your question is should you see a doctor to advise you, after seeing your scratch, if you need a tetanus shot. Since you're concerned enough to write for opinions, my guess is you are concerned enough to go to the doctor. :)

If someone on this venue says no, don't worry about it, and you develop a serious problem, it's too late. Hope everything is going to be fine, and that your GP can fit you in quickly. :)


I'd go for the jab & try to meet your fears head on, even if it's a tough ask. Our Dr's sends us a reminder each time a tetanus jab is due. But please see your Doc. Such a relative & seemingly insignificant event can have really erious consequences.


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