Does anyone get dizzy and anxious just thinking of the future?

This is one of the worst things I experience having GAD. Because I constantly feel anxious, and have been experiencing dizziness lately, when I look at a picture of a vacation place or a restaurant I will attending or pretty much anything in the future - I immediately feel dizzy and anxious feeling I won't enjoy myself once I am there because my disorder is coming there too.

I wrote a post yesterday about this dizziness rush I have been experiencing when I am on the computer or the phone. Extremely tight neck muscles and an off-balance sensation/swimming in head feeling...

It's hard to think I will enjoy myself anywhere I go because I am always thinking about feeling like garbage!

Anyone else?


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  • Sacolucci, I get the same feelings if there is a wedding in the family coming up or an unexpected death in the family...I sabotage myself before I even try to go. Anxiety makes it hard to make a commitment . When feeling pressured over an event, the anxiousness and dizziness comes into play almost immediately. So you are not alone and I'm sure we are not the only 2 who experience this.

  • Yup me too ! I also feel heavy head and like my ears need to pop . I feel almost drunk . And sometimes I worry about my breathing. I feel like breathing is off and then I get the surreal feeling and all of the above. My doctors office called and told me that my labs are normal again.

  • JoMarie5, that's good to hear. That must be a lot off your mind. x

  • Thanks and while it is my symptoms are still here troll me . It's awful.

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