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Since I found out I was pregnant last may everything changed aftervrealizing my baby girl was 9 months. I started to get heart palpitations for the first time and then the panic attacks started happening. Then I found out its twins and more over boys which usually take more that girls. Then I was told it would b a csection everything got worst. I made them in January,things just got worst after that I would b sitting n feel like the room was shaking, then my pressure was all over the place. It finally stopped, then I had tinnitus every time my period came, light headness and sometimes heavy. Now I'm constantly getting thoughts of impending doom, muscle spams, seeing bright lights flashing lights, dark spots, dizziness and palpitations and sore throat. I would usually come on here when I'm having my down time and feel better that I'm not the only one that's going thru this and that you guys knows exactly what I'm going thru. On my not so good days I would normally sleep with my doors open so if something happens probably someone would come in or pass on time. Its only so much I would tell me husband no one else in my family doesn't know, cause on the beginning of the symptoms I keep going to the hospital and all results come back positive when ever they ask. I don't want them to think I'm mad so these days I'm going alone and not telling them cause as before the results are the same. This has me weak on the inside my life would never be the same


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6 Replies

  • What does your doctor say is the reason for all the various symptoms you are having though?

  • They all say I need rest and good nutrition. Due to the pregnancies being so close and the the surgery. I eat 3 times a day n healthy plenty water juices plus multivitamins and its the same

  • Oh, you are still pregnant? How about trying relaxation yoga. It might help you until your delivery. Once the babies are here, if you still have those overwhelming feelings, please do not hesitate then to go see a psychiatrist/neuropsychiatrist who will listen to you and engage you in making treatment-related decision so you can treat the problem and get your life back.

  • I'm not pregnant i made my twins 5 months ago

  • Kerstindyer, you've been through a lot if traumas recently and bringing children into the world is very stressful. This and the fact that all the hospital tests come back as normal makes me think that all the symptoms you describe are anxiety. I say: you are not going to experience 'doom' in any shape or form and everything you describe such as palpitations, feelings of panic, light headedness, muscle spasms and visual disturbances are all very common symptoms of anxiety. So the only health problem you have is anxiety, not anything else, do be absolutely certain about that. Any new symptoms by all means get the hospital to check them out for your assurance and peace of mind.

    All the stress and worry you've been through has made your nerves extra sensitive and in that state they start to bombard you with symptoms that are very similar to real physical illness. But they're not real, they are fake, caused by your tired brain and overloaded nervous system.

    So stop stressing about the symptoms, they can't harm you, try to just accept them for the moment rather than letting them frighten you half to death. Fear is what keeps your nerves sensitised, if you can accept the symptoms with as little fear as possible then you give your nerves a chance to recover. So just get on with your task of being a mother and let those symptoms come if they want but don't give them as much attention as you have and eventually all those symptoms will die of neglect and you will feel normal again, believe me.

  • Thank you so much I will try

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