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Anxiety Attack Worry

I have gotten diagnosed with having high anxiety since I was about 16 and a couple times In a year I would get Anxiety attacks that caused chest pains then they would go away. About a few months ago I had one that came on during the evening and I tried sleeping it off and it somewhat worked but came back but went away after a while. Now since Friday I've been having on and off leg pain, arm pain, throat pain that all last maybe a minute to a few seconds sometimes the deep breathing brings on some chest pains but those go away within a few seconds to a minute too. I also just turned 28 & have high health anxiety and am freaking out that I'm having a heart attack, even though I had my heart listened too, had blood pressure tests and had a blood test last October and everything is normal. Now I'm gonna get a EKG done to help clear my head, would really like some positive thoughts and some information if any of you guys went through some of the same things I am.

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RockstarRob55, you had some tests on your heart last October and everything was normal, but you're not 100% convinced so you're going to have an EKG, that's fine. But when it comes back normal as I think we can be 99.9% certain it will be I suggest you must then accept that your young heart is healthy and ready to serve you well for at least another 70 years.

Anxiety is very good at producing symptoms that are identical with real organic illness and non-cardiac chest pain is a very common symptom of anxiety. But it's different to real heart pain insofar as it can't kill you or turn you into an invalide, you see anxiety is brilliant at tricking us and scaring us half to death but that's as far as it goes.

So long as your nerves remain sensitised you'll go on getting these pains and that produces fear that causes more anxiety which keeps your nerves sensitised. But if you can stop fighting the symptoms, stop continually testing yourself and obsessing, all of which causes more fear, if instead you can learn to accept the chest pains in the short term knowing full well as younow do that they are fake pains then you give your nerves a chance to recover.

So accept those chest pains and any other symptoms your nerves invent for you and do so without generating fear and before long you will be able to feel normal again and be free from the fraudulent chest pains and you will start to enjoy life much more. Good luck with the EKG not that I think you'll need it!

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