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Is their something wrong with me?

At time's I eat a lot, at times I eat a bit less, and at other days I eat nothing at all. It's a change of appetite. . . Especially changes in every meal. For instance, at 7am I would eat breakfast, and I could wake up starving and eat 4 bananas, and two bowls of oatmeal. Then at 3pm (lunch time) I would only eat a fraction of my lunch. And at 9pm for dinner, I would eat nothing at all. Some days my body would change it up, or just reject the food completely. It's as if I would eat just a tiny amount of food, and be full in an instant. And if I were to eat anymore, I would gag. Is their something wrong with me?

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Hello Tezie :) Are you Anxious now? Bcoz when I am anxious you don't have any appetite to eat. Based on my experiences, anxiety moments got high and low or peak, in low anxiety, I am able to eat a lot, but in high or full swing, I couldn't eat anything. But then, since my doctor gave me meds, I became relax and I can eat well again. Hope you are okay. Take care


I think the best person to ask is your doctor, cause we don't all experience symptoms exactly the same way, even if they are related to mental illness. the mistake one would make is to assume one thing when in fact it is a whole different issue completely.


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