Could I be slowly recovering?🤔

I don't really want to jinx myself but I'm wondering if I'm slowly recovering from this nightmare hell depersonalization/derealization..... The existence thoughts are fading which is good. And I feel like I have a more clear mind but I am still on edge and my surroundings still feel dream like. But I no longer look at people like they are aliens and I function pretty well. I still freak out at the lights because they send me to dream panic attack so that's how I know I am not recovered. And I'm still thinking about Dp/dr 24/7 and I still feel weird but can it mean that I'm slowly recovery? I was a HOT MESS when this first started so I SURE HOPE this nightmare ends soon.


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  • I put hope in this system for a search and after a few moments, this is what I've gotten. Hot.

  • BonnieSue,

    What were you hunting for...anything in particular?

  • Many things. I envisioned so many wondrous, positive things that hope brings to mind for me! Every beautiful thing in creation, and every wonderful act that mankind can do for other people and creatures and the world. That covers a huge number of things. Can you see those millions of hope filled things?

  • BonnieSue, you have been giving as much as receiving in our forum....the service to others always seems to play a part in recovery....we give and care and it comes back to us always in due time.:)

  • Yes, it does, doesn't it? Another reason for hope!

  • It's great that you're feeling like this, HopingCat. Just take every day as it comes & all that it brings slowly, quietly & @ peace. I know that's much to expect. At the moment I'm having s#it days & worse days but I know that things can only get better. It may take weeks, months, who knows how long but as long as I can keep telling myself that there will still be that chink of light @ the end of a very dark tunnel. Have a good weekend.

  • Wow I felt exactly the same way. When I first had a panic attack, depersonalization was the worst thing in the world. It felt like everyone was aliens and fluorescent lights made the depersonalization even worse. For me, I slowly healed from depersonalization. Every so often I would get a better understanding of what was happening and eventually it didn't bother me and it went away.

  • Yes that's exactly what I feel like! The lights and all. How did you recover? I have been stuck like this for over 3 months. It's hell.

  • The way to move forward out of depersonalisation is not to worry and obsess about it, but to work with it there, to give it as much space as it needs and not be too impressed by it. To see it as your body protecting you and not a sign that something terrible is happening or that you are going mad. This symptom is like any other and the more you worry or obsess about it, the bigger the problem can become and the longer you stay in the cycle.

    Check out this link and the website. There's a lot of info about anxiety that will help you better understand what is happening to your body and mind:

  • Perfect! A great way to beat this feeling and get back to normal! Just follow Duke's directions as stated above or get the book if you have to but do one or the other and live again!!! I did!!

  • Thank You!!!! I will try my best.

  • Thank you for the link! I read it and it's like he described all my symptoms to the T... except for the not feeling love for people. Thank God I didn't get hit with that one since I have kids.

  • BINGO!

    That is the beauty on all of this. You slowly get better. There are some set backs but when that happens, know where you were before, see what progress you've made, and then see where you are going. It is all progressive. It takes patience but you will get there.

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