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A good day

I have health anxiety and general anxiety plus panic attacks. If you've seen my previous posts you will see that I am much like you. I'm a member of a choir for people with invisible illness and since breaking down I haven't been but today I knew that there was a small gig of only 100 or so people and I thought of not this small one then when so I went and yes I had panics and yes I feel totally shattered but that might be due to not having daytime naps for the past three days (Claire weekes books) but I floated there I didn't fight any of my panics I just let them come and even when I wanted to run I didn't I just took a deep cleansing breath and carried on. I know there will be mole hills but I think I'm getting there I really do :) and I wanted to let everyone know because I think we overlook the good days and focus too much on the bad so ask yourself what good thing have you done today and if it's getting out of bed or going to the shops whatever it is you've achieved it so well done you and well done me :) big hugs

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Well done Emest86 & thank you for such a good post. I have copy of "Desiderata" hanging above my desks @ home & work. I often find myself mulling over Max Errman's inspiring words. None of us can know what kind of day tomorrow will be but, like you say, focussing on the positive can only give us that little piece of confidence on which to build.


Well done to you! You're right we should focus more on the good days rather than the bad ones! I'm up and down at the moment, today has been a down day, but your words have made me think about what positive things I have done today despite my health anxiety playing me up! It's a battle but we can win and you are doing so well, it's an inspiration!


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