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Not used to visitors

My son's very distant friend just walked in my house drunk off his mind calling me Dad I worked out he had MH issues but felt very uncomfortable and nervous talking about violence asking me for my meds . My nerves are still high . I don't have visitors since my breakdown and did I feel out of my comfort zone . I don't know if its social anxiety or part of the process of my meltdown.

Keeping door locked like I usually do but I was expecting my son's brother over for his pocket money .

I'm not a sociable person due to past and its now how I like it .

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I hear you Dodo, I don't care for unexpected visitors either. To have someone drop in drunk and asking you for your meds, wow....I'd be in an uncomfortable position as well. I don't think it has anything to do with social anxiety but more from the breakdown and the continuing high anxiety level. Someone coming into your home is quite a trapped feeling, out of control.. It sounds like he is gone now and now you know why we keep the doors locked and have Caller ID on our phones. Don't need the extra stress. Calm your nerves down by your usual meditation and deep breathing. Time alone will help... Well hopefully that was your stressor for the day. Keep Strong.

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I just found out he stole a car and crashed into about 5 vehicles he only came out of prison yesterday. He has issues but there isn't any mental health facilities here or very poor financed. I feel sorry for him because I know he had a bad childhood but more neglected than physical abuse sad really .

How are you coping being picked as a mentor well I hope 😊

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I'm fine Dodo, thanks for asking. I live to help others. I get back more than I deserve.

As for that unexpected visitor you had (WOW), can it get any worse? So many people with problems starting in their childhood. It is sad, very sad. I know you can relate to him but you also need to stay safe. Take care of yourself.


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