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Apparently I am a fighter.. should I change?

Maybe I am overthinking here but according to my doctor I am a fighter not a flighter. I know that, I always have been without trying to sound like I am a 'tough guy'.. even in my job, its what I am trained to do.

Should I try and change my personality and try to be a flighter, would that even change anything... heck is that even possible. I dont know maybe I am clutching at straws here as this is just getting tiring and boring now. 5 months in so I know thats not a lot at all compared to a lot of people on here.

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Don't change TheInjuredBiker... Having that "fight" in you is what will carry you through. I know we get to a point where we will try anything to change what we're going through. The thing that got me through the tough years was the fact that I knew there was a strong me deep down and I was determined for it to surface. Continue being the tough guy, get tough and down right dirty with "Anxiety". You'll call it's bluff and it will start to diminish. Hang in there....


You know my opinion about fighter vs flighter?

You need fighters to get through and get things done, but it's ok to let one of the red gloves down when a right hook isn't coming. (Yeah, Muhamnad Ali! one ever touched his "pretty face"!).

Means you pause but don't run when others might just give up. (Again Muhamnad Ali, US Supreme Court).

And a fighter thinks, and has learned to know when he doesn't have to be in the fight mode and will trade the Everylast trunks for comfortable jeans, take out the mouth guard and talk about the cuts and scars from the fight.

Hard to learn how to do that. (Just ask Muhamnad Ali)

Fighters often clean up the mess when the flighters run away or give in rather than work on a situation. Society and civilization needs fighters who know when its ok to be a flighter when the fire is collapsing the building he's trying to save.


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