Sleep Apnea or Anxiety ?

Just recently, since I began having anxiety attacks enter my life every once in a while and usually only when my anxiety is at an all time high, when im drifting to sleep it feels like I just forget to take a breath &I open my eyes or sit up and kind of force a breath.

I have a friend who died recently in their sleep if their airways being blocked so it has me freaking out .. is there anyway that this is just anxiety or is it sleep apnea ? Ive never had this problem until anxiety issues entered my life.


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  • tabbw, When I first started having anxiety, that would happen to me. I would bolt up in bed sometimes even running down the hall. I would feel as if I forgot to breathe as well. And then, in an instant, my chest muscles would open up and I could breathe again.

    I always knew it had to do with the severity of my anxiety at that time. It is always best to let your doctor know what is happening especially in the fact you had a friend die in their sleep. Just remember, each one of us is different, with different medical issues. You are not your friend, this doesn't mean it will happen to you. When we think along those lines is when anxiety takes hold and makes our symptoms worse. Try some calming relaxation and deep breathing before going to sleep, it may help in relaxing your muscles. x

  • Yeah, after hearing about my friend it struck a nerve. I guess I just needed to know if it the episodes could be anxiety related instead of sleep apnea. It doesnt always happen and when it does it seems to only happen when I fall into sleep. It usually only happens when my anxiety is extra high though.

  • That's how it was for me tabbw. I got it quite often and then it stopped and never came back. For me, it was just another way of anxiety making it's presence.

  • I am sorry to hear about your friend. Ive had the same thing happen to me! I didn't know if it was anxiety or if there was something wrong with me. I'm very sure it's anxiety. It can be pretty scary when it happens. But you're not alone.

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