I wonder if I should get an MRI done

I wondering if I should get an MRI done. I'm just sick and tired of feeling like I'm in a dream. I had good days but when I turn on my lights everyday I get reminded that I am still stuck in dream land because of my vision. It's terrying. I don't know why my doctor hasn't suggest this.


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  • What is wrong with your vision?

  • It's intense. Feels like a dream. Like I'm watching myself on a screen. Because of this damn hell depersonalization/derealization. There has to be a reason why my brain has be stuck on sleep mode. It's damn disturbing.

  • I get intense vision problems. Like flashing lights and holes in my vision.. Also sometimes everything just brightens up and looks as though I am high or drunk .. Sometimes also feels like things just aren't real. My doctors did every test they could thing of.. They eventually said it was migraine with aura.. Like a fancy way to say 'I have no idea what is wrong' they keep blaming it on stress and anxiety but these aren't even known symptoms of mental health conditions. And they happen every day, at random throughout the day.. I am getting it looked into again at the end of June. If for no other reason than for a piece of mind. You have very right to request an MRI.. You pay them for it through insurance so you can tell them what you want.

  • I know what it is but I want to know why does my brain send me into derealization. It's damn disturbing. Depersonalization/derealization started over 3 months ago after me fighting off what I thought was panic attacks. And that's exactly how it feels. Like you describe it. I feel drunk without the alcohol. When I'm outside or even when I turn on the lights at home it feels like I am in a dream. Everything intense. It's a nightmare. I'm tired of it

  • Honestly sounds like it might be silent migraines? If it only happens in light? Happens to me on sunny days or in stores with florescent lighting.. They always told me it was from my migraine disorder..

  • Happens all the time. Even when it's cloudy outside. And if I try to go out at night the lights from outside send it to the roof. It's insane. I never had migraine issues. This came with depersonalization/derealization but if I find out is because of silent migraines I will be happy as hell. Because derealization is a horrific nightmare

  • 😢😢 well I really think you should request some testing.. Don't give up!!

  • Do you take anything to help you with it?

  • Well I am on lamictal which is supposed to help with migraines and aura but I am not on a high enough dose really... I get really out of it when I increase the dose.

  • This dream state sucks. Always sends me to a panic and my anxiety through the roof. I just want to snap out of it already

  • Not that people haven't told you this already but try to self talk and try to convince yourself it is all in your head. This helps me sometimes. I just think of it as a wrird experience and say this too shall pass .. Not that it will help but it is worth a try..

  • Ashlyxo, those visual disturbances you describe ARE known symptoms of anxiety. They are called scintilating scotomata andthey start with a hole in your vision followed by a jagged scintilating pattern that moves across your field of vision and then stops after 20 minutes. I don't get the migraine that usually follows such an episode and I only get them rarely but they are definitely anxiety symptoms.

    As I know they are 'only' anxiety (I first experienced it 40 years ago) I don't fear them so I don't add more anxiety causing the episodes to happen more often,

    My advice to you is to accept these intense visual disturbances with as little fear as possible knowing that although they are irritating they can do you no permanent damage. I repeat Accept them and lose your fear of them and as they diminish in importance they will diminish in frequency and eventually you will be healed of them.

  • Hi Jeff1943. Do you know if the 'Also sometimes everything just brightens up and looks as though I am high or drunk' is associated with anxiety also? I feel like sometimes I am somewhere and it is as if someone turns up a light to full beam and I can struggle to adjust to it.

    thanks Shibbs

  • Hi Shibby, I haven't come across that before either as a symptom of anxiety or a physical eye problem. But it doesn't sound like a physical problem to me and I would guess it's anxiety. For reassurance I suggest you get examined by an eye specialist, if they say it's not physical then you know it's anxiety and you can treat it through Acceptance.

  • Thanks for the reply Jeff1943. I had it checked as I had spacial awareness issues and dizziness as well and they found nothing. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Ashlyxo I sympathise with you on several of those symptoms.

  • Ive experience this on several occasions i started having migrainesheadaches almost 2 months ago, but the visuals aura"s with the swiggly lines started 4 months before that with little headaches. As of today i to have that feeling of coming out of a drunk hangover & everything outside is extremely bright i call it up close & personal but i tell myself this isnt real & i TRY to pay it no attention i accept its there & act like its not then it goes away its very disturbing & when i"m in the house every light has a halo on it that to i TRY not to focus on hope you find what works for you

  • Shibby i experience that also so ik exactly what your describing

  • Did you have an mri

  • That sounds like vertigo. Has you Dr tested you for vertigo?

  • Vertigo feels like you are in a dream and everything around you fake? I thought vertigo was dizzy spells.

  • Thank you for your reply.. I understand what those are, my doctor said they are ocular migraines . I am not so fearful of them because I know after 20 min they go away. What does scare me and make my anxiety worse is the constant 'aura' .. I get eye floaters, flashing lights, holes in my visual field, blue lights, double vision, visual snow, and halos all day every day.. Its not just a 20 min episode.. Its every single day, some days more than others..

  • Thanks all of you for the education and a better understanding when someone with depersonalization posts about the visual effects they experience. I had no idea...what a surreal experience that must be.

  • Hello HopingCat,

    Where do you think a MRI might find something?

    Why a MRI and not a CT scan ? This is not a trick question, I just wondered if a MD had suggested it at one time or another. (ie the brain?)

  • Oh I don't know... which ever one is for the brain. I sure hope it doesn't find anything. I just want to snap out of this dream feel. This is the only thing that's stopping me from having my life back. It's so disturbing. But I have been doing ok lately. I'm starting to not give it so much power

  • You sound very articulate, focused, but frustrated. And you have every right to be....my situation is so different than yours, that all I can relate to your frustration was when I had that chronic pain in my chest and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't go away even with the meds and therapy.

    Were you able to get the kids to school and back today? Does a massage ever feel good to you even if the depersonalization is there too?

  • I am able to function pretty well now but my brain won't shut up about this dream feeling. I think some stuff have been fading but the one thing that is still there is this dream feel. It feeds of anxiety. It's so disturbing I really don't wish it upon my enemy.

  • So do you think the anxiety that you are somewhat controlling, is reacting by putting a "dreamlike unreal haze" over your mind?

    I have some very good no more tears dog shampoo that might clean out the "haze", if we could just get it past your hair and skull to your brain.....Yeah, that was a terribly bad humor, but difficult to get you to smile....you're a hard audience. :)

    Oh, someone pointed to me that the woman who is so angry at me has posted again,saying she is leaving this venue because of horrible me, etc. I really must have hit a raw nerve in her,maybe she has called out for help before like Jimmie1234 in New York does, but this this time someone (me) was trying to keep her on track and she tangled herself up in false accusations and her own postings showed that. I had no intent on harming her, but to show her she couldn't get out and not be so isolated by having an excuse for every suggestion offered.Think maybe she has been on other self help forums, etc.

    Oh well, she's just not happy and I think just wants to ventilate and talk like Jimmie does.

    Sleep well tonight Magnolia.

  • Hahahahahahaha!!!! Omg I might need that shampoo for real!!! How is Scooter doing by the way??? And I am really confused about this Dp/dr because I thought I got stuck like this from fighting off panic attacks but now I don't know if that was actually panic or dessosiation. I really hope this is from anxiety because I don't want to have the actual disorder. That would be terrifying. And I actually read the post and your reply to that woman and I didn't see anything wrong with it. You gave her sole good advice! That's the problem with people. Don't don't like to hear the tough love.

  • Oh, about that woman who has bats in the belfry...she posted again tonight blaming me for her need to leave the venue, etc. She really does have some problems and something I wrote must have hit a very raw nerve. When she saw she had trapped herself by her own postings proving she was outright lying about what I said, I think she had backed herself into a corner.

    Oh,well. It is what it is.

    Thanks for asking about Scooter. He didn't eat today but road everywhere with me. MY doctor during MY visit gently lectured me not to let Scooter do as much physically as he would like to now as he was still recuperating and dogs don't understand that. I swear, every one loves this small dog with the cute eyes.


  • MRI gives much more detail concerning the brain and the differences between normal and abnormal tissue are easier to determine (I'm a radiographer). It is also no radiation so deemed less harmful. CT would be better for bleeds or skull fractures from injuries etc.

  • I had an MRI done due to my constant pressure headaches, mine came back completely normal thank goodness. I also continue with visual issues, sometimes I feel like you that I am in a dream world ( drunk feeling) and other times I feel like I see better without my glasses, almost like more blurry makes me less panicky. The lights also really bother me, it's better with them turned off. I have also been feeling kind of nauseous, almost like motion sickness feeling every afternoon. I do wonder if these are all migraine related somehow even though it's all the time. You and I both also get migraines ( I had them since I was a kid). I was looking into vascular migraines, symptoms seem to be similar. Amytryptiline is supposed to help with headaches and anxiety, , have you tried upping your dose yet? I am not taking it for now because I want to see what celexa does to me first. I wish I could function as well as you, the nausea and shakiness are still holding me back. I just remembered that when I recovered from DP eight years ago, I went on Zoloft which is also supposed to help with headaches ( interesting). I know you can't do Zoloft but up your Amytryptiline, it could be the magic cure. I am still not convinced celexa is working that great but my anxiety has lessened but I still feel so crappy but there is always the Lyme factor for me as well. Lyme also leads to a lot of headaches so all this could be related, I will be really curious to what your holistic doctor will say,

  • I actually have never suffered from migraines at all. So this will be new to me. I haven't upped my Amitrypline which I probably should but I'm stubborn as hell. Makes sense that when you take your glasses off it get better because I read that people with this do feel better after removing contacts or glasses since it gets blurry And the brain doesn't have to processs something something... Lol!! I don't know what it actually said but it was something like that. I remove my contacts and glasses all the time. This SUCKS!!!!! yesterday I was getting out my car and I was woobeling all over the place because of that dizzy stupid feeling.

  • Oh I thought you said something about having headaches before your DP symptoms? Also didn't you have a really bad headache recently? Which is interesting because you are on amytryptiline. I have that stupid dizzy feeling all the time as well, I hate it so much. I feel like I am moving and swaying all the time but when u test my balance it actually is fine. Do you ever get the feeling of motion sickness when u are watching tv? Interestingly, I usually get more dizzy, nauseous during the afternoons. Maybe I am more tired and my screwed up brain can't compensate.

  • Oh yes yes the other day I had that horrible headache that I felt in my eye balls but before the Dp/dr I use to get just the occasional headache if I skipped coffee. So I was so detached from my body that when Dp/dr started I quit coffee cold turkey and I never got a headache. That was driving me insane. I felt dead alive! That headache the other day was horrible but in a way I felt human. This is so weird! I am about to get that dizzy wobble because I am about to go into target. It's hell.

  • I get the same exact thing in stores. Except I also get very shakey like I am gonna pass out and nauseous if I actually have to look at something. I always feel better outside as well as feeling better when I am getting car rides, weird! There must be a reason and a fix to why we feel like this!

  • I survived but it was like watching a 3D movie. This feeling terrifiies me. I don't know what normal is or how I'm going to be normal. I want to stop feeling like I am the only one in the world and everything else is made up. Does that even make sense? Sounds crazy

  • I completely get you. This is why I hate even stopping to talk to people because it doesn't really feel like they are real and it makes me more anxious. Have u ever tried taking Ibuprofen or Tylenol and seeing if your symptoms get a little better? I just took some Tylenol and got to store 30 minutes later and the lights didn't seem that bad and I was not too shakey. Maybe placebo but I really don't care at this point

  • No I haven't. I should. And yes! Omg the talking to people... horrific. I'm here there standing numb while my mouth mouths and my brain wonders if this is really happening. It's so disturbing. When you tell your doctor this he says it's anxiety?? My psychriatrist seem to think so. She's annoying.

  • Well I get it's Lyme disease and it will get better but I had it eight years ago when I didn't have Lyme. My neurologist and psychiatrist say headaches and I have a neuropsychiatristHe also told me I don't have neuro Lyme but how does he know? We just gotta keep searching and hoping this will go away And we will be free from this hell.

  • This is some type of imbalance in the brain for sure. There's no way this is from silent headaches or whatever. The buzzing I feel in my brain when panic comes it's unreal. It feels like I am floating looking at myself in tunnel vision. Every day I battle for it not to happen.

  • Btw, you won't believe this but I just took a tick out of my neck yesterday and my daughter had one on her side. How am I supposed to get over anxiety, life is not giving me a break. I just got a tick collar for the dog since I can't live drenched in insecticides.I HATE TICKS

  • Ticks are the reason for Lyme, right?

  • Yeap

  • My friend that's a nurse keeps telling me to try Prozac but I know there's no cure for Dp/dr so why even try

  • I tried Prozac and I know everybody reacts to meds differently but I punchedA wall and bruised my whole hand due to all the agitationfrom the drug. Prozac is more of a stimulating drug so people take it more for depression than anxiety. We are both on more of a sedating type of drug at this point for the anxiety. I would def try upping your dosage first before trying another drug since u are on such a low dose, who knows if it's even doing much? I feel slightly better anxiety wise since upping celexa from 20 to 30 in terms of anxiety but other symptoms still remain and I had to battle through some side effects

  • That's actually what my doctor said. To up it instead of switching to something else. I really should but I'm scared. I'm a weirdo.

  • Don't be scared. Maybe do it on a weekendwhen your husbandis home and expect some side effects so if u don't get any it's even better I think the most you will feel is a little more sleepy. Hey, I took celexa, busphar,amytryptyline and Ativan one day and i was just more or less sedated. Now I still take celexa busphar and Ativan. We gotta try these things to feel better, at this point I would eat poop if someone said it would return me to normal. If your psychiatrist says it's safe and ok u are good to do it. U could always text or messageme and I could give u encouragement.

  • I think our brains will fix themselves one of these days, i am determined it's gonna happen.

  • I know it fixed itself before when I was a teen but that was 18 years ago! I'm 36 now and I really don't need to be feeling like I'm living in hell. It's like deja vu

  • Right there with you! Life is not fair and it sucks but there is no alternative. Sometimes crying helps me relieve some pressureI surerly did not need this crap 3 months after turning 40

  • Try small dose of Prozac get the liquid it will help Ican tell you how to dose it I'm trying a very low dose I have to do something can't do this anymore!

  • Are you suffering from Dp/dr? My friend that's a nurse keeps telling me to try Prozac....

  • I know that feeling. It is like you are the star of your own dream. I hate it.

  • Yep. Did you get better or still suffering?

  • I just started on Cipralex. I have only been on it a few days but I am sleeping better already so I'm feeling hopeful.

  • Hello i thought i was the only 1 that feels better without my glasses, on i have that full pressure feeling in my head also it. closes my ears at time not completely closed, & i feel better with the lights out it dont feel like the dream world wow its been a month how do u feel now i had CT, Scan & MRI both came back normal

  • I had a boss who was under extreme stress and was having anxiety. It got so bad that she started developing symptoms Very similar to a stroke ( arm unable to move and going numb as well as the side of her Face) however after many exams and tests she was diagnosed with anxiety resulting from extreme stress. Her doctor said you'd be surprised at the many bizarre symptoms the body can exhibit from stress. I struggle immensely with panic disorder and at times the depersonalization and derealization can feel really intense and scary - however it always ends and it's so reassuring to know it's simply the body having a stress reaction and that I'm not dying. I believe the more it's ignored and not fed into the faster the body has a chance to heal as we are not keeping the fight or flight reactions going on and on and on.

  • How long does it take for you to end? I been stuck in this hell for a little over 3 months. When it started I was. HOT MESS.... couldn't function at all. Now I can function but with the stupid fake unreal dream feeling... and then when the existence thoughts come lord help me! Horrific and also the thing is that I know is anxiety (I hope) but it's hard for me to really believe it because I had this before when I was a teen and I suffered for more than a year with no help and no one to explain to me what was happening so I developed some type of PTSD.....

  • So sorry you're going thru this. I know first hand how this messes with your head. I too could not function barely at all back in November, I had what felt like the most severe panic reactions that seem to last most of the day along with the DP and DR. I was exposed to some chemicals so they may have triggered it off? In any case some days the dp/dr would last hours so I tried whatever I could to distract myself till it subsided ( paperwork, housework, exercise, etc), but it was tough bc I thought I was loosing my mind completely. I was reacting so strongly to things that I could not even take Ativan, which can greatly tame symptoms to get you through some rough patches. Have you tried this for short term relief? Ask DOC if not. Now I only get this symptom a few times a month. Like many with anxiety my symptoms are constantly changing, and right now my gut is taking a hit. Do you suffer from this dp/dr constantly without any breaks or do you get periodic relief?

  • I feel like I might get breaks but it's hard to tell because I'm always thinking about the fake unreal feeling. every time I turn on a light at my house I am reminded that I am still stuck in dream land. I try to keep busy since I'm hardly even home. I'm always in and out my house running errands and with my kids but again always that on top of me.

  • I have Ativan but I only take it to sleep. I wonder if I could take a little before work and maybe later in the pm, would that help get me through the day I wonder? I have to return to work soon and when I left I was always running to get home because of panic attack. Can people drive with Ativan?

  • Please be careful with ativan. Some rx meds for sleep like ativan and ambien are to help you sleep but are designed to allow you to wake in the morning, not keep you asleep.

    Soooo, who knows what it might do if you're driving.

    Remember I'm the person who forgot to take a "minor"(?) med for two days, and the result was a seizure, a bad fall resulting in a fractured vertibrae, vertibraplasty and three days in the hospital. Please don't screw with your meds; ask your prescribing doctor. :)

  • Have you been tested for Lyme?

  • No I haven't. Because I had this before when I was a teen so I am sure it's depersonalization/derealization. Also I have no physical symptoms at all. Nothing hurts. My symptoms are mental. I really wish I had physical symptoms so then maybe I can stop focusing so much on this hell and maybe it would go away.

  • Is this the only mental symptom you have?

  • It started off by me fighting off panic attacks and after that I was a mess. I felt like I wasn't in my body. Me watching myself all day, then I got depression from it and couldn't get out of bed, function or eat. Felt like my brain was in a fog. I couldn't even open my eyes because I would go straight to panic. I was a numb zombie. I couldn't even feel any pain. Completly detached from my body and surroundings. My house and people seemed unfamiliar. I kept questioning reality and people seem like aliens. Made me feel like I was in a dream and everything was my imagination. It was PURE HELL.... I was on Zoloft for 6 weeks and had to come off it because it was making it worse. So I started taking supplements and forcing myself to go places even if I felt horrific. Now fast forward to now... I can function better, I have a somewhat clear head, but I'm stuck feeling like am in a dream which I know I am not.. specially when I turn on the lights or go to a store. Then I get those stupid existence thoughts that send me to a panic.

  • I have Lyme and been treated and still have these annoying symptoms. My forever question is, is this Lyme or anxiety or both?

  • I have this symptoms and had an Mri and they found two small lesions and told me I had ocular migraine but I've never had a painful headache and they put me on some medicine and I'm still having the same symptoms. Vision problems despersonalization dizziness

  • I really don't think I have that symptoms don't get better they get it also feels like If I'm high

  • I also feel like I'm high. Drink without alcohol

  • I feel like that. Like nothings real or I'm dreaming. Spaced out too. I honestly don't know the cause but it's 24/7!

  • It's absolutely horrible this and I feel really parculiar and I'm sure people can see it.

  • My psychriatrist says this is a phenomenal from anxiety but I don't know because when it hit me 3 months ago I was fine and happy.

  • The neurologist I saw for this and because of uncontrollable tremors, said its terrible anxiety and its coming out in a physical way. So she's asked my GP to give me some pills to lowery heart rate and refer me to a psychiatrist. We'll see what happens!

  • You are suffering from Dp/dr? My psychriatrist says this is a phenomenal from anxiety

  • What's that?

  • I thought you were saying you were suffering from depersonalization,derealization.

  • Oh yes, just didn't recognize the way you put it. Soz x

  • Thanks for the advice HopingCat

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