Just came back from seeing my phycologist.... again

I swear every time I see him I come out more anxious. And he's a nice man but I REALLY don't think he knows much about depersonalization/derealization. I was explaining to him the existence thoughts that won't leave my brain and just keep coming and coming and I know it's part of this hell dp/dr but he just looks at me and tells me to let the thoughts come and don't fight it. That's good and all but what people don't seem to understand is that this obsessive thoughts are the ones that send this Dp/dr through the roof. Also, I been complaining to him about my vision problems for over 3 months. Vision problems is common with Dp/dr. I get intense vision like 3D that makes me feel like I'm in a dream. I know I'm not in a dream. It's just a very disturbing feeling that sends me to a panic and I'm back to square one. Anyways, he just doesn't reassure me about anything. It's like he's lost too. I don't know. I been calling around for a new phycologist and psychriatrist but I can't find anyone!!! I'm even willing to go hours away and nothing. Sucks


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  • Ahh this sounds horrible! I would hate to be in that situation! I hope you find a new psychiatrist soon :-)

  • Hi hopingcat, totally get where you are coming from. I have OCD, anxiety and mild depression, and have seen a number of professionals. The theory / science behind their approach is that by letting the thoughts flow, you begin to see them for what they are, just silly thoughts everyone has, and not focus or react to them, which people with anxiety etc tend to do. Apparently our brains are not hardwired and we can unlearn reacting to things, just like we learn to do with coping with other potentially scary things. Unfortunately, you have to go through the horrible anxiety (a number of times) before things get better. However, if your anxiety is high (like mine) this can be tough. This is a long term approach and you have to keep doing this, to benefit they believe. But an unsympathetic professional can really affect your confidence, you need to go at your own pace. They often suggest medication and CBT (the approach) as being most effective. But I react badly to medication and I've found CBT very difficult. I get the theory, but it is hard to put in to practice. It can work for many many people, but is tough, and not the panacea experts make out. They like it because it can be pretty effective, and is of course relatively cheap. But it doesn't work for everyone. I am currently going through counselling (not CBT), which is less formal and confrontational, so if you are looking for more TLC this may be a better place to start. But probably best not to have the two running together. I'm no medical expert, so my thoughts are based on my own experiences, and others may have had other outcomes. So canvas a few perspectives. If its helping a bit, it may be worth carrying on. You may only begin to notice an improvement a few months later, but it may be worth the wait. But you are the best judge of this. If it's worth anything, I usually come out of sessions feeling worse (because you are having to talk about things you are uncomfortable with) and this will naturally make you feel anxious. All perfectly normal. But if you think it really isn't helping, look at other approaches. But may be give it time, but again, you are the best judge of that. Really hope this helps, and I wish you best of luck.

  • Sorry about your situation. Def time to fire the guy and move on, but it doesn't seem so easy in your case. I had one therapist tell me to stop wearing shoes and let earth flow through me (first guy I went to) lol. That was the last session with him. I could see he could not make any connection with how I was feeling at all. There's somebody for everyone. Just keep searching and keep your head up

  • Let Earth flow through you!!!!🤦🏽‍♀️ Ugh

  • 🙃

  • my psychiatrist completely ignores me when i start talking about dp/dr too. its so surreal. one time another doctor actually said to me "some people just feel like they're in a dream"

  • Yeah don't get me started about my psychiatrist.... she also blows me off when I start talking about it. She keeps repeating over and over that is anxiety. Both phycologist and pschiatrist are old. I'm thinking I need a younger person. One time the phycologist told me that Dp/dr is not its own disorder. And I was like ahhhhhh yes it is! Maybe not back then but now it is. Which lord I hope I don't have that. Anyways, are you dealing with Dp/dr now?

  • yup i am i dont wanna scare you but i've had it for a pretty long time. pretty sure mine was induced by marijuana. I just cant wait for more studies to be done on this disorder because it really is the worst

  • Oh trust me you won't scared me. I had this when I was a teen and it was induced by marijuana. I was 18 and I suffered for over a year with no help whatsoever. I snapped out of it and I don't know how. Now 18 years later I got it again just by thinking about that one night. It's ridiculous. What are you taking or doing to try to help? I function pretty well now. Physically I'm good but mentally I'm a mess. When it started 3 months ago I couldn't even get out of bed.

  • Maybe he needs the thoughts to come during a session so that he can try to understand them more. He is the expert and I am sure he has felt with this loads of times before. Do what he tells you to do, it might be uncomfortable for you but you need to let him see what it is that is really bothering you.

    Don't hold back at your next session.

    Good luck.

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