is this depersonalisation, anxiety or something more serious

So nearly a year I've been feeling this detached feeling, numbness like I can still feel things but not fully there, when I look in the mirror it's not me, my voice is so far away and not mine I sound like a different person, I have a major fear of fainting,sinus pressure and the detachment is the worst of all it is so scary, it's with me 24/7 every day, only time I feel normal is when I'm asleep, people say it's anxiety but it's getting worse and I'm finding it hard to cope with and I think I have a brain tumour or a much more serious problem, anyone help?


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  • My psychriatrist says depersonalization/derealization is a phenomenal from anxiety and that I have to control my anxiety for it to go away. I been stuck in dream land for over 3 months and it sucks. Have you seen a doctor? Phycologist or psychriatrist? Taking any medications?

  • I'm taking no medications and seen a doctor and consumer hasn't helped and they are going to transfer me to a neurologist to see if that helps

  • I think what you might have is MPD which stands for Multiple Personaility Disorder. If you don't recognize yourself then that's a problem. It's best if you search up MPD symptoms and try to see if you have the symptoms and then try to speak to someone.

  • It sounds like anxiety disorder I deal with to

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