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Anxiety symptoms

I've been reading a lot of posts on here and just knowing that some of you are feeling exactly the way I feel makes me feel more confident that I can overcome this.

It's so hard waking up everyday hoping that maybe I'll be fine. And even going to bed is hard, I used to use sleep as a way to ignore my problems, but with this I feel like sleeping doesn't even help. The last week I've even woken up during the night and felt that rush through me, thankfully I'm so tired I end up falling back asleep, but it does still scare me for that second I realize it's happening.

It's getting to the point where I feel like it's never going to stop. I haven't been bad for the past 2 weeks and then today was really hard. And this is so frustrating. It feels like nothing is even real anymore I can't even imagine feeling like this the rest of my life. And then the other part of me doesn't even think I'm going to live, which scares the hell out of me and I feel like i can't control my thoughts.

I don't know what to do anymore I feel like I'm crazy, I don't like telling anyone because I know they don't understand. This website has helped me so much. If anyone feels the same or has anything to say please reply.

Thank you

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I understand what you are going through. I wake up shaking and my heart pounding. I've been feeling lightheaded and off blance as well . This will pass just like every other symptom does . We have to heal ourselves with our thoughts even though you may say to yourself something is wrong I have to go the the hospital now ! Stop and think what the facts are what's really happening. It's hard to do but that's what has stopped me from running to the hospital. I went to my doctors office because of this feeling on Tuesday and they seem to think I'm fine . We have to believe it . Easier said then done . I hope we all get past this some way.


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