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changing my life

i been doing everything that i can to try and find out what more could i do to try and show the court and the social workers that i want to change my life around for my kids and show them iam getting better i got told that i could get a mental health worker just need to ask my doctor so i will be making appointment i got told they can help me change things around so tomorrow iam going to tell my social worker what iam planing on doing i want to show them iam doing everything that i can to help my self and to change my life for the better iam trying to get my own place again its been really hard but i got told by the same people that i can get supporting housing all i need to do is ask my social worker to help with that so we will see what she says tomorrow iam trying everything and i hope they see that iam trying really hard to change things around for my kids and my health before all of this ever even happen i found out i was pregnant after 3 miscarriages that made my depression worse :( it was a really hard time finding out i was pregnant again was lovely but i was scared that it could happen again after i think 2 months of being pregnant thats when social workers came around with all of that going on i ended up having a very late 1st scan that they said it looked like i was 21 weeks pregnant but did not know babys due date and i all ready been having sings of my body getting ready for baby my belly has drooped he presses really down walking is a nightmare my belly is big for a 28 week baby and so on now need to call my midwife to tell her to see if i may need a scan done sooner i just hope everything is ok and i could just be much more later on in my pregnancy my mum keeps saying did they miss another baby could there be another one iam like no i mean i had a very late scan baby was big and health and from what we could see there was only one there is no way they could have missed anther baby i just hope and pry everything is ok and i just hope the court and social workers see how much iam trying to change things around ... sorry for how long this is

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I wish you well. When social workers become involved in family matters they have to be especially careful in making their decisions either to remove children or to work with families in having their children at home full time since their decisions are widely examined simply because of their conduct in places such as Bradford. Not all social workers are bad in the same way that not all doctors are bad. They simply have to move with caution. Your GP should be able to refer you to a support worker from your local mental health team and that would be a good thing for you to do if only to prove that you are determined to 'change' for the sake of your children (I know what that is like from experience). Once you get involved with your local mental health team you will be surprised by the number of things they can do with you and I am certain that would go down well with the Court. It is very obvious that you love your children dearly and when you procure a support worker they will assist you in all legal matters you will need to engage in. I write these words to illustrate to you that I have been through similar experiences. I have always had mental health issues and after ten years of marriage, my then wife decided that she would be able to enjoy life more were we to get divorced. That was done in a matter of weeks yet we both applied for Residency (custody) of the three children of the family. Because of my mental health issues, I did not work and therefore looked after the children. She began an affair with someone she met at work although, to begin with, I had no idea what she was doing until she began staying away from home (and the children) sometimes for a period of fifteen or so weeks. It took three years for the case to be heard in Court and the Judge wiped the floor with the Welfare Officer because she refused to answer questions my barrister put to her regarding my mental health and ability to care for the children. Anyhow, to cut a very long story short, the Judge found in my favour and the Court Order was that the children live with me with reasonable access to the Mother. On one visitation during the long summer holidays, they did not return home at the time or day I was expecting them. With it being the long summer holidays, I did not worry unduly. I then found out, from her Mother, that she had taken them to Australia, not for a holiday but to live. I have not seen them since. As I said, I wish you well.


Sadly it takes time and the social workers will want to feel that you've changed. Be patient. Time will fly by you watch. Take care 😉


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