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Breathing Feels Uncomfortable

Thought I was going to have a good day, no work, spending the day at my sons field day! Well, didn't happen. I can't describe what I'm feeling, not really chest pressure but it's pressure in my throat. Feels like I'm struggling to take a breath, although I'm breathing. Feels likes something is caught in my throats and I can't get it out. And I keep clenching my jaw tightly together. I really feel like something is wrong with my lungs

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Sounds like anxiety, Tweetg, specially if you've a history of anxiety. But do see your doctor and discuss it with them for complete reassurance. Somebody else on this forum mentioned the same pressure in the throat symptom a few days ago. I myself and others have had the 'lump in the throat' symptom which is called Globus Hystericus and is caused by anxiety, it may be closely related to your throat problems.

So see your doc but just accept the feeling in your throat for the time being rather than stressing about it which just perpetuates it and I'm sure it will pass.

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